HipSurfer Bestie Bundle

TBA $547.70

The most stylish, practical, long lasting and unique gift set

"I gifted this bundle to myself and also my best friend! We adore the HipSurfer and our beautiful accessories!"

1. HipSurfer (Colour)
2. HipSurfer (Colour)

Grab a HipSurfer Bestie Bundle for you and your friend and save 20%! The hardest decision will be deciding who you want to gift!

What's included in the bundle:

  • 2 x HipSurfer Baby Carriers (pick your favourite colour)
  • 2 x Compact Travel Change Mats (black)
  • 2 x 3in1 Storage Bags (black)

Normally these products individually would cost $514. 20% Off For a Limited Time only.


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