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General Questions.

I have a heavy toddler, can I use the HipSurfer?

You can use the HipSurfer for toddlers up to 20gs (typically 3-4 years old). Just imagine all that weight you’re currently shouldering that the HipSurfer can help you with!

What do children love about the HipSurfer?

There are so many reasons why your child is going to love the HipSurfer.

Here are just a few:

1/ Secure, connected, happy. Your little one will love being super close to Mum or Dad, feeling safe, snug and protected as you both go about your day. We’ve not met a baby that doesn’t love that. 

2/ Carried from birth to toddlerhood. The HipSurfer will become a much loved safe place for your baby to feel comfortable and close to you as well as taking in the world around them. As they grow, they’ll get to surf around at your level watching, learning, interacting and exploring but still feeling connected to you.

3/ Cool and comfy with space to breathe. Without being tied down or strapped in, your bub will stay cool and unrestricted. They’ll love the easy, breezy and oh-so comfortable carrying as much as you do. 

4/ Up, Down And Shake It All Around!  The HipSurfer is the perfect ‘ledge’ for your little explorer to hop on and off. They will love crawling around for a while, before being safely back into your arms, popping over to Dad and then back to chasing the cat, without any stress!

Where can I use a HipSurfer?

Where can you NOT use a HipSurfer? You can use the HipSurfer at home, out for walks, at the markets, grocery shopping, at any event - basically anywhere your baby wants to be carried, you can use a HipSurfer!

I already have a traditional baby carrier, what’s the difference?

We know you’re a busy lady so we’ll get to the point: The HipSurfer is different to a traditional baby carrier in these ways: 

No strapping in, readjusting or getting baby settled in the HipSurfer. Just lift them up, and they’re on board.

If your baby falls asleep whilst HipSurfing there is no fear-inducing “if we lift them out will they wake up” moments. You can easily transfer to a cot, without the awkwark Houdini routine.

Your HipSurfer allows for four different carry positions (as opposed to a baby carrier’s two positions) which can be adjusted within seconds to suit your (and baby's) comfort and preferences. The newborn/breastfeeding hold (from birth), the side carry, carry facing in or carry facing out.

A HipSurfer is designed to absorb and redistribute the weight of your baby for you. Pain-free baby carrying. Yes!

A traditional baby carrier is typically only used for a few months until your baby grows out of its restrictions. The HipSurfer can be used well into toddlerhood, giving you more bang for you buck and peace of mind.

Is this just another baby product that will end up in the back of the cupboard?

Your HipSurfer will give you as much of a life as you give it. Use it every day, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, out and about at the markets, at a family BBQ or just walking in the park and you will see how much mileage you can gain from your HipSurfer. Instead of the more traditional baby carriers that will sit by the door for a few months, then get put away for the next baby, you can use the HipSurfer every day from your little one’s birth, right into toddlerhood.

I already feel I leave the house with a gazillion things. Is this just another thing?

Giiirrllll, do we feel you!

We like to say the HipSurfer is a baby carrier + bum bag in one. When you’re leaving the house for a walk or a coffee catch up, you don’t want to be weighed down with another baby thing to carry. We get it!  

In the HipSurfer there is enough space for a nappy, mini wipes, snacks and sunglasses in the zipped pocket beneath the seat. You can also safely stash your card, keys, phone, lip gloss and dummies in the side pockets. 

Plus, you can stash a bottle for on-the-go feeds in the mesh bottle holder hidden behind the zipped pocket and slide it back in when finished. Securely attach toys, muslins and teething rings so you don’t lose your stuff whilst on the go.

Just don’t forget the baby and you’re good to go!

Where Can I Buy The HipSurfer?

You can buy the HipSurfer from right here, on this website. We understand that direct to customer products come with one downside; you can’t try it on. To cover you on this we have a simple 30 days return policy. You can buy the HipSurfer, try it on and if it isn’t for you simply come back to our customer support and we’ll set you up with a return label.

Can I gift the HipSurfer to my daughter/friend/colleague?

Absolutely, what a great gift it will be! You can include a note in your checkout process that the HipSurfer is a gift. No price or invoice will be sent with the physical product.

Is The HipSurfer safe for babies and toddlers developing bodies?

Pediatricians recommend a healthy seated “M” position when babies are being carried - and luckily for you, the HipSufer naturally promotes this through it's ergonomic design.

The “M” position means your little one’s knees should be sitting higher than their bum when they’re in the face-to-face and side carry position.

For more details on then benefits - check out the Learn section of the website

product faq's

What exactly is the HipSurfer?

The Hackerlily HipSurfer is an ergonomic, strap free hipseat baby carrier.

The wide, padded waistband sits snuggly on your waist and absorbs and redistributes the full weight of your child. With less strain on the entire body, carers can easily carry their child closer, for longer.

The HipSurfer supports the healthy M position for babies (this is where their knees are above their bum) and reduces spine curvature (from popping your hip) and related pain and strain in carers.

Hassle Free With an easy hop-on/hop off design, it takes around 15 seconds to put on, so you can be soothing your unsettled child or out the door and off for a walk within moments.

Storage: Our innovative design means your baby carrier doubles as a mini-bum bag (fanny pack), keeping all your travel baby essentials handy in the large storage under the seat and 4 pockets

Customisable & stylish: The HipSurfer is fully customisable, with interchangeable covers that are available in a range of patterns and colours to suit any style or occasion.

Is the HipSurfer a hands-free carrier?

No. The HipSurfer is not hands-free. The hip seat design allows you to carry your baby in comfort (and style if we may say so ourselves) so you can easily ‘hip carry’ your kids. Your hands hold your baby on the HipSurfer.

Is the HipSurfer machine washable?

We got you mumma - the changeable covers, and the entire HipSurfer is 100% machine washable.

The covers wash super easily and the whole HipSurfer can be washed on a low temp if there are any spills or whoopsies. 


For light cleaning, wipe clean with a cloth. Take the seat bracket out before washing (located within and behind seat storage)

We highly recommend you purchase the hipseat covers which are easily removed and cleaned, preserving your hipseat for years to come.

Wash in in cold water on a gentle wash. Do not soak or use bleach

Air dry only to ensure longevity

How long is the waistband?

The waistband is designed to suit Australian waist sizes 6 - 20 / 59cm - 110cm.

In our next production series we will be releasing an extension band so the HIpSurfer can truly support all body shapes and sizes

Can I use the HipSurfer with a newborn?

The Hackerlily HipSurfer can be used from birth as a breastfeeding support. Keeping your newborn snug and safe against you. From 4 -6 months old, babies can hop on and take a ride on the HipSurfer (facing in towards you). As your baby grows and starts to sit up and explore the world you will see your HipSurfer grow into its baby carrying golden years!

Can I sit down using the HipSurfer?

Yes, sit down and rest those gams. Many parents and carers will use the HipSurfer walking around, then sit down, keeping the baby happily surfing along.

Many of our mama's love using the HipSurfer to help raise the baby when breastfeeding sitting down - give it a go, you'll love how you can rest your arms and shoulders with your baby being supported and lifted

Just remember, a HipSurfer is not hands free so keep a hand on your little one, but you’ll still be able to carry your baby more comfortably and painlessly than a traditional baby carrier.

Is there an age or weight limit?

We recommend that you use the HipSurfer from birth (for breasfeeding only) through to 3 yo or around 15kgs.

From 4-6 months we recommend the child faces in towards you, while their body strengthens and to ensure you get all that precious bonding time in.

From 6 months your child can face out and explore the world around them.

At all times you must hold your arm around your child to ensure their safety.

Safety FAQs

What Is The HipSurfer Made From? Are the materials safe?

The HipSurfer is crafted from stain-resistant, durable, washable and hard-wearing polyester. Designed for years of use for the whole family and sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible by our partners. Polyester is safe for babies.

How Do I Make Sure Baby Is Safe On The HipSurfer?

Be sure to follow the instructions on how to safely put on the HipSurfer - refer to the diagram below.

Which carry positions are best for my baby?

We have four carry positions available for babies, which can be adjusted within seconds to suit your (and baby's) comfort and preferences. The newborn/breastfeeding hold (from birth), the side carry, carry facing in or carry facing out.

You keep your little one safe by remembering the HipSurfer is not a hands free carrier, so your arm or hand should remain on your baby at all times.

Does the HipSurfer Have Any Safety Certifications?

Hackerlily puts safety first and follows rigorous testing. Our HipSurfer has been approved by SGS - the most credible, world-leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

Is There An Instruction Video I Can Watch?

There sure is, click here. Or pop over to our video learning tab

Is the HipSurfer recommended by health practitioners?

Yes! We are proud to share that we have received fantastic recommendations from:

- Physiotherapist: Brock Smith

Brock says: "I would recommend a HipSurfer to any new parent who is facing challenges with overuse injuries or other common injuries to trial off-loading the painful area".

- Physiotherapist and Womens Health Specialist: Alison Jeffrey

Alison says: "I found the HipSurfer so comfortable to use with my 8 months old daughter. My back was supported and my wrists weren't strained so much. Plus I was able to multi-task more easily. I would recommend the HipSurfer to parents who are looking to relieve the pain and strain of carrying their growing children. Their children will absolultely love being held closer, for longer too".

As always, parents should seek advice from their health practitioner to ensure the HipSurfer is right for their child and situation.

Is the HipSurfer safe for babies and toddlers developing bodies?

Pediatricians recommend a healthy seated “M” position when babies are being carried - and luckily for you, the HipSufer naturally promotes this through it's ergonomic design.

The “M” position means your little one’s knees should be sitting higher than their bum when they’re in the face-to-face and side carry position.

For more details on then benefits - check out the Learn section of the website

does this sound like you?

My arms, wrists and back hurt when I’m carrying my baby all the time, and it makes me so exhausted

OK listen up, the only way you’re going to last this marathon that is motherhood is by taking care of YOU. Let the Hackerlily HipSurfer support your baby’s weight [and save your aches and pains for a workout].

My baby won’t settle and hates being strapped into normal baby carriers

Yup, our children hate being strapped down too - yet want to be held all the time. We created the HipSurfer so that you can easily pick them up (to console or settle them) and just as easily put them down when they want to play or go to sleep.

Your child gets all those long snuggles and you get to soak it all up while not worrying about the aches and pains in your back, arms, neck, shoulders and wrists.

I like to wear my clothes a certain way and buy things that are practical and stylish - I just want a baby carrier that I like.

If your style changes as quickly as your baby’s mood, we got you.

Freedom in your fashion choices is central to the Hackerlily HipSurfer’s mission for hacking parenthood in style.

Heck, you can mix up your style every day with our changeable, patterned covers.

We're launching with a few styles including gingham, leopard print, peacock, cheetah and zebra and have plans for releasing new ones every few months.

Please sing out and request a specfic design or suggest a designer we could collaborate with!


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