Do you own a HipSurfer and have friends and strangers asking you all about your game changing parenting hack?

Perhaps your kids have grown up now but you absolutely love the Hackerlily brand and you would love to spread the love with your community?

Thank you so much. We would love to partner with you!


How do I apply to become a referral partner?

Simples. Fill out the Hackerlily Referral partner application form and include all the relevant details.

  • It takes 2 minutes to fill out
  • It's free and easy to join
  • You can start earning today
How does the programme work?

All you need to do is share Hackerlily's parenting hack products with your friends, family, followers:

Whether you are a mum that loves the HipSurfer, a creator, influencer, health practitioner or blogger, we have simple linking tools to suit your needs.

How much can I earn through the programme?

Earn up to 8% in commissions on successful referrals.

Earn commissions from all qualifying purchases, not just the products you shared or promoted.

Plus invite your friends and followers to sign-up and enjoy even more rewards and commissions.


One of your friends Cassie purchases the HipSurfer using your unique code. Cassie pays $192.95 and receives $15 off the HipSurfer retail price ($1207.95).

As the referral partner, you earn 8% from the $192.95 purchase. Meaning you receive $15.44 commission for simply talking about your new favourite parenting hack!

If your friend becomes a Referral Partner, you will also receive a % of referral commission.

How and where do I share my unique code?

There are so many ways in which you can naturally share the Hackerlily love without feeling like a sales person.

Let's face it, no one likes being overtly sold to. But when you genuinely believe in a product and you are in love with the brand and values it stands for - hells yeah, you can (and should) scream about it from the roof tops.

Here are some thought-starters:

1. Create a post, story or reel showcasing the HipSurfer in use. Highlight how the product has helped you / solved a problem or pain / brought ease to your life / how much your child loves it.

2. Share in your local community Facebook groups - mum groups, suburban groups, health and fitness groups etc

3. Share with families at your local childcare, mum group, playgroup or school

Can I recommend Hackerlily to shop owners or retail stores?

Absolutely Yes. We would love to have Hackerlily products stocked in more stores across Australia. We are a small family owned business that is growing quickly and we greatly appreciate your help.

The HipSurfer and our range of backpacks and change mats are so versatile and appropriate for a wide range of stores.

  • Baby and parenting stores
  • News agents
  • Gift stores
  • Chemists
  • Lifestyle and fashion
  • Travel
  • Camping and outdoors
  • And more

If you know of a local store that we should be stocked in - please reach out to us on Instagram or via

We have a unique referral commission plan for each new retail partner that joins as a result of your introduction. Please email us to learn more.

This is such a unique, styllish, practical and comfortable parenting product that can be used for up to 3 years (most carriers are used for between 3 - 9 months. You can use the HipSurfer from birth for breastfeeding right through to 15kg's or 3 years old.

the HipSurfer appeals to a braod set of customers who: have newborns or toddlers (up to 3yo), are looking for gifts, are pregnant (shopping for products to use when the bump comes earth side) and even for grandparents who need help with reducing the strain of carrying their grandchildren.