How do I know my customers will purchase your products?

Our founding retail partner Kounelakia restocked the HipSurfer within 2 days of the products hitting the shelves. They are quite literally surfing out the door.

the HipSurfer appeals to a broad set of customers who: have newborns or toddlers (up to 3yo), are looking for gifts, are pregnant (shopping for products to use when the bump comes earth side) and even for grandparents who need help with reducing the strain of carrying their grandchildren.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

Great question. The HipSurfer and our range of backpacks and change mats are so versatile and appropriate for a wide range of retail stores and health clinics.

  • Baby and parenting stores
  • News agents
  • Gift stores
  • Chemists
  • Lifestyle and fashion
  • Travel
  • Camping and outdoors
  • Health clinics: Physio, Chiropractic, Osteo, Peadiatric and more
What is so unique about the HipSurfer?

The HipSurfer is an award winning strap-free, hipseat baby carrier that sits snuggly around your waist and absorbs the full weight of your child.

The ergonomic design and wide, padded waistband allows parents, carers and grandparents to hold their child closer for longer and without pain or strain.

With an easy hop-on/hop-off design, it takes around 15 seconds to strap on so you can be soothing your child in no time.

With interchangeable, washable covers, this is the only baby carrier in the world where you can change up your look without changing your carrierThere are so many health benefits when using the HipSurfer. 

We have 2 chiropractors (paediatric and women's health focus), 2 x physio's and an Osteo recommending our product to patients

The HipSurfer won the gold award for Baby Accessory of the Year at the SHE-com awards in 2022

View our instagram to understand how much of a vibrant, supportive and growing community of happy customers we are nurturing across Australia

The packaging is also really lovely and provides a lot of information in a beautiful, stylised way so you don't necessarily need posters or flyers

How do I apply to become a wholesaler?

Simples. Click the application button above to register your interest. You can also email us at partnerships@hackerlily.com with any other wholesale or partnerships enquiries

And don't be shy. Come say hi on Instagram. We will try to respond within 48 hours

What are your minimum order quantities

As we are just at the begining of our wholesaling journey we want to be as inclusive and affordable as possible.

Our minimum orders requirements start at 6 x HipSurfer's and 6 x washable covers and reach up to 100+.

We can of course include our range of backpacks and change mats which have received so much incredible feedback.

Reach out to us at hello@hackerlily.com and we will tailor a package that's inline with your budget and needs.