NDIS assistive technology

The HipSurfer is technically a lumbar stool which can qualify as an NDIS Assistive Technology Device, bringing greater ease, support and safety when carrying children.

Speak with your health practitioner to confirm if the HipSurfer can support your families needs in line with your NDIS health plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NDIS assistive technology device?

NDIS Assistive Technology devices and equipment help you do things you can’t do because of your disability. Assistive technology may also help you do something more easily or safely.

How does the HipSurfer help parents carry their child more easily or safely?

There are a number of ways in which the HipSurfer can help parents or carers to carry their child with ease

1. It absorbs the full weight of your child and redistributes it evenly across your hips, so there is less pressure and strain on your back, shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers when carrying your child

2. The HipSurfer reduces the hip-popping action which directly imbalances the body and can trigger a variety of injuries, strains and tension

3. As there are no shoulder straps and just one buckle on the waistband, carers of all ages, dexterities and abilities can can easily put the HipSurfer on in a matter of seconds, allowing them to hold their child easily, comfortably and speedily - if needed.

How can the HipSurfer support the needs of my baby or toddler? 

The HipSurfer provides additional support to children who have disabilities, illnesses, mobility or developmental delays.

For children who have grown out of traditional buckle or sling carriers, the HipSurfer provides the extra support you need to carry their weight, while also providing flexibility to pick them up and put them down when needed.

The ergonomic waistband and dimensions of the HipSurfer seat support health hip development in babies and toddlers. Especially useful for children with Hip Dysplasia.

Is the HipSurfer approved by health practitioners?

Yes it is. We have support and recommendations from well respected Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists across Australia.

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