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Easy on the eye and on the go

I’ve left this bad boy in the boot of my car and it still closes with wipes and 3 nappies. It’s been a god send. The magnets are strong enough to hold it closed but it’s easy to whip open with a chunky bubba in your arms. Definitely a fan and very happy with my purchase. Thanks Hackerlily

Love, love, love our hackerlily!! I'd seen this around for ages before I purchased. Wish I would've gotten it sooner, would've been super handy. It's been a big help as I suffer with severe back pain. So quick and easy to put on and so versatile. My only suggestion would be to have bigger sizes available.

A relief for our backs

My partner, mother, and myself absolutely love the hip surfer and it’s been a life saver for our backs when carrying the little one. Makes quick trips into the shops and one handed house tasks a breeze!

Only suggestion is the Velcro part to be a tad longer, and for the pouch to be accessible with a protective cover on.

Encouraged bub to become a cuddler

Some sort of magic went into making these. The way bub sits encourages her to cuddle in more. She's not usually the most huggy little thing but with this we went all around the shops with snuggles. May have stolen a few head smells and extra kisses.

It was really comfy and took only a few seconds to put on. Also reassuring to know it's all I need to leave the house because it's packed with nappies and a change of clothes.

Baby carrier

Love the carrier, takes baby's weight and my lower back says thanks! My only 1 suggestion would be to make the velcro belt longer as that part is not adjustable.

Used it more than my carrier!

Love my hip surfer, I use it every day! When you've got stairs to and from the car, juggling a baby and 50 other things this takes most of the weight of bubba and I can just balance him and feel so much safer, instead of having to put a carrier on just for a simple walk to the car. We also love it when he only wants to be rocked to sleep but my arms are so fatigued by the end of the day!
Aaaannd my mother has a bad neck so she can't hold bub very long without it hurting, now she has no problem! Yay for baby sitting 😉😁 can't say enough positive things about this. I've even tried nursing when I really have to walk around and he needs the boob! 🙌💪❤ so many uses, I could talk all day! 😆

Such a handy carrier!

I just received my hipsurfer this week and have been using it every day since! My bub loves it, he snuggles into my chest which I also enjoy - we don't get that with other carriers. I love how easy it is to keep on, and just lift bub in and out of it as I need to while I am hanging out in the house. Highly recommend, it definitely is a wrist saver!

Great for traveling

I bought the hipsurfer just before a three week campervanning trip with my 3.5 month old daughter. Its been a great investment - really quick and secure to strap on, saves my back strain, was super convenient to breastfeed on the go when there wasn't anywhere good to sit, and my baby loves being close to me. I used it predominantly for short walks and activities. For hikes, it was still better to use a carrier for the added support and safety. Because my daughter is young, the hipsurfer was a little big for her and her legs were more splayed out than the ideal 'm' shape recommended, so I kept its use for shorter periods but im confident I'll get lots of use for it in the future as she grows into it more. It's also really pretty, and I got lots of compliments about it! My main consideration is that it's a bit bulky if you're a shorty like me, I'm 5'1 so my torso is a bit shorter than most, so the hipsurfer takes up more room than I had anticipated.

Thanks so much for sharing this feedback Stef. So glad it helped on your holiday. As your bub grows to 4-6 months and beyond - her legs will be perfectly cupped over the side of the HipSurfer - ensuring greater comfort and longevity of use. Happy HipSurfing!

Just what I needed!

Love the hackerlilly! I bought this item because my little one needs to be rocked to sleep for every nap so this has saved my back! The blush colour is super cute and the little pocket for you phone is also very handy!

Thanks so much for sharing Jenna. We are blushing that you love our blush variant so much! It really is a beauty isn't it!

Amazing product!

Wow, what an amazing product. An absolute game changer. I’ve had my hackerlily for a week and I’ve already used it multiple times. Super easy and quick to put on, saves so much time and hassle with not having to worry about lugging the pram in and out of the car. Especially when your little one always wants to be close. I can not recommend this product more! We love it!

Comfy and easy

I’ll be travelling solo with my toddler soon and everyone recommended a carrier for the airport. The only problem is she hates it!
We’ve been using this at home to prepare and she loves it. So easy to put on, no need to get used to it or adjust as it’s just as comfy for her as how I normally hold her. The little pockets and water bottle holder will be super helpful for the airport.
It doesn’t free my arms up completely, but it means I can hold her with one arm leaving the other free to wheel my luggage. And I can hold her for a lot longer as it takes the pressure off!
I’m glad I made the investment, this will suit for her for awhile to come!

I havnt stopped receiving compliments!

Absolutely love this carrier, just as strong as described and as my little one is about to turn 4 months I'll get so much life out of it. I've never had so many other mums come up and ask where I purchased it! I've worn it out a handful of times and always have people coming up to me ! There are so many babies in Mackay, if you can try get the stores up here to carry this product. The one and only thing I would change is the covers - I cannot access the zip pocket as the cover doesn't have a zip. I was planning on buying a few covers but if I cannot access the front pocket with the cover on it will be inconvenient. Aside from that minor thing I love everything.

My hubby and I can't wait to use it!

My bub is due next week, and my hubby always wants a baby carrier that is easy to wear and can bring several things with him while he carry our bub. He doesn't really like the baby carrier with a strap. We're a bit confused where to find something that he wants until we found Hackerlily hipsurfer that looks like a bum bag!! And it has gingham pattern too!

It even mentioned can be use for feeding too! We're so glad to find it! and can't wait to use it soon!

I also love their customer service, it's excellent! Laura is really nice! 😍💕

It’s a hip safer

I highly recommend the hipsurfer , it has been helping us feel more comfortable carrying our lil girl and the after service is amazing , I accidentally put in the wrong address for delivery and got in contact with them and thanks to Laura who managed to get everything delivered to me very quickly I’m very impressed

Hi Sakuna. This is so kind of you to share. I am so delighted to hear you love your HipSurfer and our special touch. Laura x

Great product

Loving the hipsurfer so far, it definitely takes the strain off my arms.

The only reason I'm giving 4 stars is it's a little awkward to wear if you have a short torso. As I don't have much room to spare, it slips down over my hips a bit when my baby sits on it. It's slightly uncomfortable if wearing for a while but still super convenient and better than carrying normally.

This won't stop me recommending it to others but worth mentioning as it wasn't something that crossed my mind before I purchased.

Hi Alex. Thank you so much for this open and honest review - we are so delighted with 4 Stars and that you can also help others to decide if it is right for them. x

The best nappy bag

I have to highly recommend this beautiful nappy bag ! It’s everything and more that I could of asked for . We use it for everything around here .. I’ve taken it on many outings and it’s so big and spacious literally can pack everything I need in it for 3 kids and myself

The best change mat

I highly recommend this beautiful changing mat .. I recently took this beauty to the zoo and it was so easy to wip out and change my little girl . The sides make it easy to store the wipes and a nappy .

Game changer!

Getting the hip surfer was the best decision ever! It’s so easy & convenient. It has saved me from having back aches, arm & shoulder ache & best of all my 10 month old son loves it. I wear it at home, at the shops, the park, anywhere & everywhere! I love it.

Yaaas!! You are fabulous - thanks for sharing the love here. I'm so pumped that you are no longer feeling those pesky aches and pains xx

Game changer

To say I'm so glad to have bought this is an understatement. It's amazing and the best idea. Our 15 month old loves being carried, but hates the traditional carrier and we do too. The straps were so annoying. I was starting to get severe back pain from carrying her, through I really wanted to. I thought the days of being able to hold her were over, even more so now that I'm in the early stages of pregnancy. The Hipsurfer has changed everything for us. I can now comfortably hold her while taking the pressure off my back. I even use it to rock her to sleep which was getting a little difficult also. My husband also loves it. Thank you Hackerlily for creating something that has allowed me to hold my baby for longer than I otherwise would have been able to as the rate that she is growing is bittersweet enough! A sincere thank you.

Love it

So great for my little koala baby. He likes to be on me most of the day and the hipsurfer allows him to be up and down all day long without the straps of a traditional carrier. It's super comfortable for my back as my arms are just supporting his movements and not his weight. Highly recommend!

Absolutely love our HipSurfer!

We absolutely love our HipSurfer and it makes our life so much easier. My daughter is two but not walking independently yet so the HipSurfer has made it so much easier for me to carry her. She is very social so loves being up high and waving at people on our beach/lake walks. We also take it to watch her brother play soccer, quick trips to the shops (saves getting the pram out) and it’s made dinner prep so much easier as she often wants to be held at that time of day.
Thank you for creating such an incredible product and I highly recommend it!

Plus Size Women & Functionality

I am Size 22/24 and the buckle only *just* does up, the Velcro does not. So I swivel the seat around (as instructed) and the Velcro bunches up awkwardly. I find that when you’re in a rush and the baby is crying, this is NOT convenient.

However, it does reduce strain on my arms, especially when you’re carrying a bag, a basket and a baby up 4 flights of stairs, and you don’t want an accident.

Baby is fine with it, except she is a very small 6 month old, so there’s a bit of leg splitting going on!

Hi Eleanor,

Thanks so much for sharing your feedback. We really value hearing our customer experience so we can improve and adapt our products as we grow. You are correct - for our very first launch release of products, the HipSurfer was designed to fit adults from a size 6 up to a size 18-20 (which we communicate in our product features and specs section + on the box). I'll be sure to make this more visible in the future so there is no confusion here.

As a new, family owned small business - I wanted to make sure there was a demand for the HipSurfer first, before bringing out a complete range of products. Now that we have the most incredible feedback and 4.92 star rating (and platinum transparency) from our customers, we are excited to be broadening the range to suit more customer needs.

Right now - we have a larger HipSurfer in prototype stage (fitting up to a size 22) + a waistband extender (fitting size 26-28) that is already approved and about to move into mass production (I will let you know when ready for purchase).

Regarding your babies legs - having them spread out wide is important for healthy hip development. We designed the HipSurfer's seat so that babies from 4-6/8 months would have their knees up high (and not flopping down) so that their hips are in the M position which is approved and recommended by health practitioners - especially important for children with hip dysplasia. If you are worried it's not a healthy seating position for your baby, we always recommend you seek advice from a trusted medical professional.

Thank you so much - I'll be in touch when the waist band is ready and I'd love to send you a complementary one.

A Parenting Must have!

We love the Hipsurfer. It has been fantastic to help save my back when carrying my son. I wish I had this when my older girls were little.
Great quality, easy to put on and so many handy pockets.

Perfect for my toddler

My toddler loves cuddles but doesn’t love our baby carrier anymore 😭

I found the HipSurfer to be the perfect option for us as he likes it, it’s great for ups and downs and adventures that need to be slightly quicker than toddler pace!

Plus it is so comfortable and means I can hold him for longer.

We recommend this to any family ❤️

Hip surfer

BEST THING IVE EVER BOUGHT!! If you are wondering whether or not to buy let me tell you, this is your sign!

I bought one because my daughter Eve is a stage 726372 clinger and excuse my language but she’s heavy af. I literally had frozen shoulder from carrying her around all the time, not to mention the extreme wrist pain it caused making it almost impossible to drive.

When I received the package I tried it on straight away and didn’t like it. To be fair, she is way over the weight recommendation for it but I persevered and man was I wrong! It is the smartest gadget I never knew I needed and am sooooo thankful that I bought!

So practical and comfortable when you know where to place it. Eve loves it coz she gets to hug me and be in my face the whole time. She’s fallen asleep so many times! Basically what I’m saying is, buy it, trust me.. you’ll love it