Original HipSurfer Washable Covers

Change up your look without changing your baby carrier. The interchangeable covers come in 7 gorgeous designs

"I love the versatility of the HipSurfer and how you can mix up the covers to match your outfit, mood or any occasion. My husband loves the tribal print and I adore the blush zebra".


Protect your HipSurfer and customise your style with our fabulous HipSurfer Washable Covers.

We think you will love our world first interchangeable cover system that allows you to 1) easily change up your look and 2) swap out mucky covers in seconds as you cruise through your day.

All 7 original covers are available for immediate delivery (provided no Pre-Order item are included in the order)


Mix up your look with styles like gingham, leopard print, zebra print, peacock, Ikat and a range of new styles that will be released across the year.

Effortlessly transition from a walk in the park, to coffee with friends and then out to a wedding. Looking and feeling on point for all occasions with your little companion on board.

Easily share with your partner and grandparents. Purchase an Ikat print for hubby. Peacock or gingham for the grandparents while you can go animal print crazy if you fancy it.

Mucky pups, no fuss. If your HipSurfer happens to experience a poo explosion or mucky milk dribble. Simply swap out the cover for a new one, or go commando without a cover at all. Throw it in the wash and keep on carrying on.


Hard Wearing Material:
Made from 100% polyester with a faux leather non-slip pad and velcro attachments.

Attachment instructions
The HipSurfer Cover has velcro on two flaps that wrap around the width of the waistband.

Simply slide the washable cover over the top of the seat, wrap the flaps around the waistband and ensure the velcro is safely secured on the inside of the band.

Cleaning and Care:

The HipSurfer shells can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or thrown into the wash on a cold, gentle wash for a deeper clean.


Do not attach or remove the HipSurfer Shell whilst there is a baby on board.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Sunny (Melbourne, AU)
Cute cover

Love the hipsurfer, great to wear during day with my clingy little.
The covers are great to dress it up and keep it clean. Super easy to put on too.

Alex (Gold Coast, AU)
I Love it!

The best part about the Hackerlily Hipseat? THE POCKETS! I love that I can have everything with me without taking a bag, my hands can be free, keys and phone can be safe. You can run into the shops and not have to worry about bringing the entire nappy bag. Not to mention the hidden pocket for a bottle! Genius! I was pleasently surprised by how much I could fit in - nappy, wipes, teether, snacks, phone, keys, cards, bottle, spare top and I'm positive I could squeeze more

alexandria_obelia@hotmail.com (Perth, AU)
Much needed protection

Great cover not only for the extra convenience of protection but can change the look of my hipsurfer. Received this cover in a bundle however if you're tossing up between getting this cover and the new ones, GET the new ones with inbuilt zip! You won't regret it!

Maria Africa (Perth, AU)
So much pretty designs to choose from

Apart from the purpose of protecting the HipSurfer, i love that there’s a lot of designs to choose from to match mum’s personality and style.

Paula C (Sydney, AU)
Great Covers

Great cover for saving your carrier from blow outs! I love being able to change the design to match your outfit!

Emily Grace (Melbourne, AU)
Best Investment ever!

The is the best thing I have bought myself for breastfeeding! It makes such a difference to my mobility when out and about and also reduces strain on my back and arms when feeding my 5mth old. At the moment my baby is too small to sit in the m position facing me as the base is too wide for his legs but I’m excited to keep using my hipsufer in different ways as my baby grows.

Renee Pratt (Brisbane, AU)
Get some covers!

The covers are great and so easy to clean. I got myself a few different patterns. The blue peacock one is so great when you're dressed in all black!

Nicole S (Sydney, AU)
Remember you get a free Gingham

Reading the instructions helped me decide which extra washable cover I wanted. Black Cheetah works well with both Black and Blush hipsurfer. Again, didn’t think I needed this until I spilled coffee and crumbs all over my hipsurfer. I guess I’m the messy one and not bub? Hahaha. I like having the option of spicing up my hipsurfer when I’m in the mood for dressing up and having fun. Then taking it out when I like to look seamless.


Bought as a gift
Receiver has been very happy