I mean just look at this face. There is just something about the HipSurfer that can so effortlessly turn a frown upside down.

If you haven’t yet checked out our instagram yet, you should scoot over there first to see all of the smiling, happy, settled and calm little faces of all the cherubs who have been HipSurfing with their parents or carers.

Here are just a few of the reasons that your child is going to love the HipSurfer

1/ Secure, connected, happy. Your little one will love being super close to Mum or Dad, feeling safe, snug and protected as you both go about your day. We’ve not met a baby that doesn’t love that. 

Skin to skin, heart to heart moments and general bonding is so important during the first few months and years of life. The HipSurfer allows your child to get cuddles on tap and I’m pretty confident they can sense when their mum is calm, comfortable and connected too.

2/ Carried from birth to toddlerhood. The HipSurfer will become a much loved safe place for your baby to feel comfortable and close to you as well as taking in the world around them. As they grow, they’ll get to surf around at your level watching, learning, interacting and exploring but still feeling connected to you.

3/ Cool and comfy with space to breathe. Without being tied down or strapped in, your bub will stay cool and unrestricted. They’ll love the easy, breezy and oh-so comfortable carrying as much as you do. 

shake the pain, relieve the strain

 4/ Up, Down And Shake It All Around! (Is that a song? We’re all wiggled out.) The HipSurfer is the perfect ‘ledge’ for your little explorer to hop on and off. They will love crawling around for a while, before being safely back into your arms, popping over to Dad and then back to chasing the cat, without any stress! 

Stress-free, pain-free, liberating baby carrying - this is why we created Hackerlily

Up and down everyday mumlife moments are so easy with the HipSurfer.

October 10, 2022