Over the last few months the HipSurfer has been trialled and tested by 25+ families of such diverse backgrounds, dynamics, sizes, shapes, genders, ages, health and abilities. 

The positive feedback has not been surprising because we have meticulously built the HipSurfer with the best quality materials, with an award winning manufacturer and to the levels of comfort that are unparalleled.

Here are some of the benefits that we think you will love once you get your hands and hips on a HipSurfer.

1/ Be present in the moment, without getting lost in the pain.

Babies get heavy…and carrying toddlers is no easy feat. The Hackerlily HipSurfer will absorb and redistribute the weight of your growing kiddo, leaving you to enjoy the time they’re in your arms.

2/ Rocking your baby to sleep becomes a calming and comfortable experience for both of you. If your baby loves to be cuddled and rocked to sleep and your back is breaking from ALL that goes along with this, you will love how the HipSurfer helps to carry that weight for you - and you focus on getting your little one to sleep. (Please God, let them sleep)! 

3/ Cuddle your clingy bub in comfort. Is your little one stuck to you like white on rice? You’re in the right place. For all babies and toddlers that need constant cuddles and touch from Mum and Dad (bless them) the HipSurfer will give you the ability to indulge their clinginess without the worry of breaking your back. Happy baby - happy days!  

4/ Be prepared to go with the flow. Have you birthed a social butterfly? The Hackerlily HipSurfer is the ultimate social platform for your little one to bounce between Aunty Bess, Uncle Bob and strange but sweet Cousin Cassie. You don’t need to worry about re-adjusting straps or getting the baby resettled and strapped in - you just pop it off, pop it on and click. Instant snuggles and smiles. 

5/ The modern-day bum bag, with a seat. Don’t want to compromise your active lifestyle just because there’s now a mini-you in tow? We hear that! The HipSurfer combines a baby carrier + bum bag in one. Off for a walk on the beach, the markets or coffee with a friend? The HipSurfer (and your baby) is all you need.

6/ Mix up your look, without changing your carrier. For mums who love to change up your style on the daily - we’ve got you covered! You have the option to style the HipSurfer to suit your every look. Black, neutral, prints, colours - there will be options for every outfit and occasion. No carebear, unicorn or dinosaur designs here! 

Hack parenthood in style.

7/ Four Carry Positions. Yep - four different carry positions are available for you and bub, which can be adjusted within seconds to suit your (and baby's) comfort and preferences. The newborn/breastfeeding hold (from birth), the side carry, carry facing in or carry facing out. No matter how your little surfer loves to be held and carried, we’ve got you covered. 

Which of these benefits are you most excited about? Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments section

October 10, 2022