We are so delighted to welcome you to our Hackerlily community of legendary mums, dads, grandparents and carers.

We just know that you and your child are going to love the HipSurfer as much as we do. We’ve been rigorously testing and refining the HipSurfer over the last 14 months with 8 different prototypes and 20 different families giving us feedback.

Here’s a few words from those incredible mums, dads and grandparents who’ve provided feedback and input along the way, to help shape the HIpSurfer to the award winning product that it is today.


This HipSurfer is the carrier that my partner and I didn’t realise we needed. We were both lucky enough to be able to give it a try and WOW! Talk about taking a literal weight off!

Bub was able to sit in a comfortable and supported position while my hips didn’t need to be lopsided as they usually are when I carry her. Even though my little one is on the petite side, carrying her has really put a strain on my body. 

Despite my partner’s efforts to work on his dad bod, his lack of hips still means that he relies on his arms to hold and bear the entire weight of our daughter. He was pleasantly surprised to find that the HipSurfer sat comfortably and functioned more like a tool belt that a baby carrier.

I’m all about the overall function of this handy carrier. The sneaky pockets and zips make a huge difference for me (yes, I’ll admit that I feel very lost without having my phone very easily accessible). The pretty covers are an added bonus, but at the end of the day, I’m just glad I’ve found something that we can both use comfortably and practically. Double thumbs up to Hackerlily!


I love the HipSurfer! It relieves all strain from my back, arms and neck. My mum has a bad back so it’s perfect for her to use when she’s looking after the kiddies!

I love that you can mix and match to go with your outfit! So many beautiful colours and patterns to choose from. I’m a plain solid-colour sort of gal so I loved the classic black and blush!


This is a carrier without all the weird straps around you, it makes it very easy to change my baby from the siting position to the breastfeeding one or even from side to side… It really takes her dead weight off me as she’s only 5 months old and doesn’t wrap her legs around me.

I love that I can get the black one for my husband as he refuses to use pink things but I can get the dusty pink covers for when I use it. I see myself using this to its full capacity when my daughter starts walking so I don’t have to carry the pram anymore. Can’t wait!


I love the versatility of the HipSurfer and the way you can interchange the covers to match your outfit, your mood or any occasion. The covers so easily come off and can be chucked in the wash! Which is a win with Luca's mucky food fingers! Hubby's happy too that he change it up whenever he wears it."

The Hipseat is so easy to put on and leave on without getting in the way, which is perfect for my super active 10 month old that likes to be up and down all day. I'm especially excited to use it for our family trip to NZ at the end of November. I've been dreading the airport with 2 kids and endless bags so the HipSurfer will help immensely, it even has the most convenient pockets for passports!!"


"I wore the HipSurfer carrier for quite sometime while carrying my 5 month old grandson. The seat was so easy to put on and it also gave me support in my back and shoulders whilst carrying him. It was so comfortable for him - he even cruised off to sleep on me and I was able to hold him a lot longer than usual!!"

Laura (Founder of Hackerlily)

The HipSurfer has been a game changer for me (my body) and my kids. My two babes love hitching a ride and surfing through life with me and my husband. I love that I can now share this #mumhack with more mums so they can ditch the strappy carriers and surf the waves of motherhood with me!

I would personally love to hear from you. You can contact me directly by DMing me on Instagram. Yup, that will 100% be me responding back you.

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October 10, 2022