Over the last year and a half, I feel so fortunate to have met the most incredible women, mothers, children, business owners and health practitioners who have helped us so much in our journey.

One of those supportive and legendary women is Dr Ali Young. Dr Ali is a  Chiropractor, Author and Working Mum Health Strategist living in Gladstone, Queensland.

When I asked Dr. Ali if she would mind trialing the HipSurfer at her clinic, I never expected to get this level of positive feedback from such a broad range of families. For this I am so extremely thankful. Hells yes to mums supporting mums. 

Here are some of the fireside questions I shared with Dr Ali - if you have any yourself, please feel free to reach out to either one of us.

1. What is it that you love about your work? What is it that lights you up and drives you?

In my role as a kids and family Chiropractor,  I love supporting families in their health choices. For a lot of our families we are the primary health care provider, and having the skillset to support and refer them as appropriate is so great.

I love seeing kids smiles after they've finished their adjustment, and the joy that they express in our practice is palpable.

2. What kind of health challenges do you see often in parents with young children? 

With Mums, the stress of the mummy juggle struggle is so real. We see a lot of spinal tension with headaches and mid thoracic and lower back pain from carrying kids - everywhere!

In Dads, we'll generally see lower back pain from lifting heavy objects and or gardening incorrectly. 

Grandparents really tend to struggle to carry their grandkids and bend their knees as they try and get up and down off the floor. 

3. Can you see that the HipSurfer could help with reducing, alleviating or even preventing injuries?

Yes. The HipSurfer could definitely help with parental and grandparent issues of movement, mobility and recurrent pain.

Moving the loading in a more general and less single level fashion is great for them. The HipSurfer would help with taking the load off the neck in breastfeeding mum’s too.

4. Can the HipSurfer be used as a support aid for children with special needs? 

As a parent who had a child with hip dysplasia, I see that the HipSurfer would be so useful as an additional support for carrying my child.

As a practitioner, I love the design and the angle of the hips around the mother, the support it offers, and the ability to have an attached parenting style whilst still maintaining the integrity of the child's hip function.

5. Tell us about your the feedback on the HipSurfer when you shared it with your patients in the clinic.

We loved the ease in which it buckled up.The various colours, patterns and styles really suited me (big fan of colour here). The position was comfortable for me, and I have scoliosis, so sometimes these things don’t work (now that says a lot).

Comparably with baby wearing in other devices, I think the HipSurfer is great for the ease in which kids can get up, down and up again. I really see so much use for the HipSurfer in our fast paced, modern world.

All in all - everyone loved it and can’t wait to give it a go in the future when it comes available. Particularly the grandparents in our practice seemed to love it.

6. Would you recommend the HipSurfer to parents and carers? 

Absolutely. If your child is attached to you literally at the hip, and getting stuff done needs to happen, then the HipSurfer is for you. It’s great in our warm climate to easily keep little people off hot roads, can use it in playgrounds, and it will allow your spine to have less traction and pulling on it, which is really important. 

7. In what situations do you think parents will find the HipSurfer most helpful? 

With kids who are really attached it comes into its own. Also to kids that have low tone and need help with movement, they can tire easily, and this provides a beautiful way for them to get support without it ruining the parents spinal health.

Thank you so much Dr Ali. If you would like to connect with Ali, you can find her over on Instagram or at DrAliYoung.com 

And if you have any questions on this article for Hackerlily, jump on over to our DM's on Instagram or email us at hello@hackerlily.com

January 27, 2023