Hackerlily was inspired by the birth of my daughter Elodie and ignited into a living, breathing brand by my son Lincoln.

The concept originated out of frustration, exhaustion, discomfort and a personality type that doesn’t like settling for - just okay (especially when it comes to looking after your family)

Like many other parents with young kids, I struggled to find a baby carrier that was comfortable, easy and quick to put on and take off, that the kids were actually happy being in (once strapped in, they usually wanted out!) and that complimented my own individual style. I’m certainly not one for wearing grey or muted colours and don’t fancy unicorns or rainbows either.

Having moved back from the UK back to Australia in 2021 after 11 years away, I was swiftly reacquainted with the Australian lifestyle, extreme temperatures and was reminded of how much more hot, sweaty and bothered you become when wearing complex, strap-in carriers, wraps and everything else in-between.

All mums experience shoulder, neck and back pain of varying degrees when carrying their kids - it’s something we’ve learnt to grin and bear with. In my case, add in the history of Carpal Tunnel, arthritis and the thought of carrying your kids for longer than 5 minutes adds to the anxiety of leaving the house, socialising and simple act of popping out to grab a coffee.

Unable to find any carriers here that appealed to me and that felt authentic to my style, I began to design an ergonomic baby carrier that I knew my kids would love to be in, would give me freedom to explore and that I would feel confident wearing. 

Whilst the concept of the hipseat is not completely new (they usually come with foam inside and straps attached), I can confidently say that there are no other hipseats that are created with the Australian lifestyle and weather in mind. Every element of the HipSurfer has been designed with this as our focus and we’ve tested the concept rigorously with child minders, parents and caregivers to ensure every element is the best it can be - for mums that carry the world already.

If I can help just one mum, dad, grandparent or caregiver with relieving the strain, pain, stress, anxiety, sweat and hassle of carrying their bub - so that they can hold them closer for longer, then I will be so incredibly happy and this will all be worth it.

January 28, 2023