Brace Yourself Mama - Your World Is About To Change.

You blink once, your baby is a toddler, you blink twice, they’re at kindy. 

You want to soak up those special baby cuddles and closeness as much as possible, but you don’t want the aches and pains that come along with that. We get it - we’ve been there. It’s how the Hackerlily HipSurfer came to be! 

mum breastfeeds baby while sitting with hipsurfer hipseat baby carrier

The thing about growing babies is they get real heavy - real fast. 

And carrying your baby is no walk in the park, especially when you’re actually walking in the park…pushing around the perfectly good ($$$ as heck) pram because your little cherub wants a “cuggle”. 

You don’t get a medal for doing the hard work, so do yourself a favour and hack your way to better baby carrying with a Hackerlily HipSurfer. 

Your world will change. 

Throbbing lower back, stiff from swaying, rocking and carrying? A thing of the past. 

Upset and wriggly baby, not wanting to be strapped in and tied down? Not up on here. 

mum carrying child with hipsurfer hipseat baby carrier at the beach

“As a new parent, shit gets real pretty fast and life can be heavy. But carrying your little human, keeping them close and happy shouldn’t be. No matter what age, weight, clingy-ness or curiosity level of your little one - they’re gonna love HipSurfing [yep, that’s a thing now]” - Laura, Owner Hackerlily HipSufer

So how is this all possible you ask?

The Hipsurfer hipseat baby carrier is the best baby carrier and only baby carrier in Australia that has no straps, yet fully absorbs and redistributes your babies weight so you can carry in comfort. We’ve worked tirelessly the last 18 months to create over 8 different prototypes, refining the final product into the most comfortable and stylish carrier on the market right now. 

We know how Aussie families love to live active, social lifestyle and this is the perfect baby carrier accessory that will transition from day to night and from casual day-out to fashionable and formal event attire.

dads carry children with hipseat baby carrier

We know you are going to love the HIpSurfer and can’t wait to see how you make the most use of it. Be sure to share your pictures via @_hackerlily using the #tag #hackerlilyhood

Laura and the Hackerlily team

January 28, 2023