The HipSurfer is surfing its way across the country. This weeks stop is with Dr. Jacey Pryjma, Paediatric Chiropractor at the Australian Children's Chiropractic Centre in Warners Bay, NSW.

In the below article we share Jacey's feedback from her own experience of trailing the HipSurfer with her little bub and with children at her practice.

Dr.Jacey Pryjma - Review & Instagram Post excerpt

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"I tried holding Miss C on the HipSurfer first. What I love about the product is the ease of holding Miss C while I remained in a neutral position. She was stable and able to sit there with very little stabilisation from me.

When we work with the Mums in practice we so often see postural shifts and changes in photos and on xray created by the hip hold we all use as Mums. Let's face it, it's always on one side too. Postural imbalances over time, plus heavy loading of holding children does take its toll. Our Mums often talk about their pain and discomfort.

Now switch between the two photos and look at how much I need to hike my right hip to hold Miss C securely. I couldn't actually believe the difference in weight once I took it off. The HipSurfer distributes the weight really well. I was actually quite surprised at the difference.

chiropractor Dr Jacey Pryjma holding child on the HipSurfer

So the HipSurfer gets two thumbs up from me 👍 👍

  • Saves your body Mum
  • Allows you to hold your baby for longer. I imagine days when they are really tired and constantly needing to be up and down
  • This would also be a great idea for mums and dads with carpal tunnel or tennis elbow strains from lifting heavy babies

From the team at Hackerlily - we thank you so much Dr Jacey. We just love how much support and encouragement we are receiving from the local mum community. 

January 31, 2023