It's amazing how many supportive mums have helped us along our journey to launching Hackerlily and the HipSurfer. With just 1 week to go until the official launch day, I'm so delighted to be sharing this Q&A interview with Hiro (@kidsdelsol), a mum of 4 living on the Gold Coast and an absolute brand champion for Hackerlily.

Hiro has been using the HIpSurfer since early December and can share the most detailed and honest account of her experience, perhaps more than anyone else (including myself as I'm clearly very biased).

We just wrapped up our pre-launch giveaway collaboration today and we received so many entires, comments, feedback and excitement. Thanks so much for all of your support, encouragement and amazing recommendations Hiro. Right - let's get on with the article...

How would you describe your lifestyle? What kinds of things do you love to do with your family on the weekend, holidays, weekdays? 

We love to go to beach with family and friends. We also love camping around the water too. 

Do you find it challenging or strainful to carry your child with just your arms? 

Yes I can't carry Lennox (my youngest) with just my arms for very long. It really hurts my arms and back.

Tell us about your experience with the HipSurfer HipSurfer?

It feels super comfortable, it looks cool and fashionable. And I love that it's super easy to put on and easy to carry around too.

Lennox doesn’t like other carriers because they are possibly too tight and restrictive for him. But but he loves HipSurfer! He could sit all day long in it (lol). And yes he loves the closeness to me for comfort.


When do you find you get the most use out of the HipSurfer? 

We love using it at the beach, shopping or at the playground with his siblings. It's so helpful as he can have cuddles whenever he wants but I can still get on with  cooking, shopping  and even eating. I can always trust the HipSurfer to make normal every day activities and jobs SOO much easier 👍

Has anyone else trialled the HipSurfer amongst your friends or family?

My hubby always uses it and he loves it because it's so handy and easy to put on. Also my 11 years old daughter now uses it and she absolutely adores it too. She can help more with looking after Lennox.

What is it that you love most about the HipSurfer?

I can now hold my baby for so much longer, without hurting or straining my body (especially my back, arms and shoulders). I love that I can breast feed him when I'm on-the-go or just at home. I have also found that I can so easily rock him to sleep with it. And then just as easily put him down to sleep (with no straps to get in the way).

Would you recommend the HipSurfer to other parents?

I 100% recommend the HipSurfer to other parents. It's helped me in so many ways. I have already told so many people and can't wait for it to launch.


February 09, 2023