Grecian, a Perth mum of 4 and overall legend of a woman has been a champion and advocate for Hackerlily since well before launch. She's one of those mums who is so genuine in everything she does and you wonder in amazement at how she does it all.

We were so delighted to have Grecian join our HipSurfing family before launch and she continues to share her adventures with her 2 little girls Maisee and Riley.
If you are umming and arring about whether you should get the HipSurfer for yourself or a friend, Read the below for a little Q&A for a little inspiration.


Q. How would you describe your lifestyle? 
A. Busy & hectic! We have a lot of medical appts and therapies for Riley. School drop off's are crazy with 4 kids and weekends vary depending on hubbys work schedule. But we love chilling at home, heading to the markets or Bunnings trips 

Q. Do you find it challenging at all to carry your children
A. YES! The hip pop haha it hurts my lower back and with Rileys Cerebral Palsy she tires very quickly so I end up carrying her a lot of the time.

Q. Tell us about your experience with the Hackerlily HipSurfer?
A. Oh my goodness where was this year's ago!! Such a genius idea to help carry what you need as well as your child all while being supportive. Love the big pockets, and the secret water bottle holder as well as the interchangeable covers!
My lower back thanks you big time!

Q. How have Maisee and Riley enjoyed it?
A. Both Riley and Maisee love it as they aren't restrained as such like in a strap carrier and they can hop on and off when ever they like. Maisee loves the closeness and snuggles as she is very much a mummy's girl hehe. Riley loved it as her legs get tired so easily especially on long walks or distances. Plus it doesn't look like a typical baby carrier so for her being 5 that's a bonus

Q. Does anyone else use the HipSurfer in your household?
A. My Hubby absolutely loves it too yes! He likes how strong the velcro is and the safety strap


Q. What is your favourite part of the HipSurfer?
A. I think that would be the big supportive and super comfy waistband that holds the kids' weight across your waist evenly.  

Q. Would you recommend the HipSurfer to other parents? 
A. 100% to all parents who carry their kids... which is everyone!! Seriously save your back and joints and grab one!  Not just for the mums either! For the dads, aunties, grandparents etc

Thanks so much Grecian for supporting a mum owned small business.
You can find Grecian on Instagram - go and give her a follow and keep up to date on her HipSurfing adventures.

Please reach out to us at with any questions or pop over and say hi on Hackerlily's Instagram. We'd love to hear from you.
March 27, 2023