In this special feature, we sit down with Laura, the inspiring founder of Hackerlily, to delve into the story behind her innovative baby carrier, the HipSurfer. Through this interview, Laura shares her personal struggles with chronic rheumatoid arthritis, the challenges she faced as a mother, and her journey from a frustrated parent to a successful entrepreneur. Join us as we explore the heartfelt motivations and rigorous development process that led to the creation of a product that is transforming the lives of parents and children alike.

Inspiration Born from Personal Struggles

At the heart of Hackerlily lies a deeply personal story of resilience and innovation. Laura, a mother who has grappled with chronic rheumatoid arthritis since she was 16, faced an even greater challenge following the birth of her children. Swelling in her feet, knees, and fingers, coupled with intense carpal tunnel syndrome, made the simplest acts of motherhood—carrying, cuddling, and nursing—an arduous task. This physical strain, coupled with the emotional weight of Mum guilt, fuelled her desire to find a solution.

The birth of her son Lincoln in 2021 was a turning point. Frustrated by the lack of suitable baby carriers—those that were easy to use, provided adequate support, and didn’t compromise on style—she decided to take matters into her own hands during her maternity leave. This was the genesis of Hackerlily, and its flagship product, the HipSurfer.

Overwhelming Community Support

Since launching Hackerlily, Laura has been continuously surprised and humbled by the outpouring of support from the parenting community. The HipSurfer has not only met a market need but has also struck a deep chord with parents and grandparents alike. Messages, comments, and reviews pour in daily, sharing heartfelt stories of how the HipSurfer has transformed lives by reducing pain and enhancing bonding moments with children. Particularly touching are the stories from communities supporting children with disabilities and mobility challenges, where the HipSurfer has become a vital tool.

Rigorous Testing and Expert Input

Ensuring the safety, comfort, and functionality of the HipSurfer was paramount. The founder dedicated 18 months to developing and refining the product, going through eight prototypes. Local families and health practitioners were integral to this process, providing invaluable feedback. Health professionals, including doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and paediatric specialists, tested the HipSurfer, ensuring it supported both parent and child ergonomically. The HipSurfer’s design promotes the Hip Healthy 'M Position' in babies, crucial for healthy hip development.

Additionally, the HipSurfer was rigorously tested by SGS Worldwide, a global safety testing company, to ensure compliance with international safety standards, surpassing even Australian requirements. This thorough testing process underscored the founder's commitment to creating a product that genuinely addresses the pain points of parents.

Pride in Making a Difference

Laura takes immense pride in the tangible difference the HipSurfer makes in the lives of parents and children. It has become an essential tool in daily routines, alleviating physical strain and discomfort. The positive reviews and feedback fuel her passion and drive to push the business forward, even in challenging times for small businesses.

Hackerlily's partnership with I=Change to donate $1 from every purchase to a chosen charity reflects Laura's commitment to giving back. This ethos of social responsibility is integral to Hackerlily’s mission.

Balancing Business and Personal Life

Beyond her role as an entrepreneur, Laura values fitness and health, which are crucial for her mental well-being. Exercise helps her stay focused and energetic, a necessity given the demands of running a business and raising a family. Family time is cherished, with weekends spent at adventure playgrounds, the beach, or enjoying mini day trips. She looks forward to a cruise in December, a well-deserved break with the promise of relaxation and family fun.

Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Laura envisions Hackerlily as a global community that supports parents through the challenges of parenthood. Her goal is to continue innovating and expanding the product line, ensuring that Hackerlily remains synonymous with quality, innovation, and heartfelt support. By creating solutions that ease parental stress and discomfort, Hackerlily aims to build a legacy of positive change for families worldwide.

In essence, Hackerlily is more than a business—it’s a testament to one mother’s determination to make life easier for parents everywhere. Through empathy, innovation, and community, Hackerlily stands as a beacon of support and understanding for parents navigating the beautiful, yet challenging, journey of parenthood.

May 24, 2024