We are super pumped to have a new happy hipsurfing mama join our community and we love that she is also a paediatric Physiotherapist. We recently met with Britt Brymer, a new Mum herself, opened up about the challenges new parents experience, such as sore wrists, forearms, and the constant need to carry their clingy little ones. She gives us some professional advice and tips for hacking the hard parts, while also making sure your child's hips and health are well looked after. 

Relief for Parents

Britt began by discussing her personal experience as a new mother. She shared, "Whenever I use my HipSurfer, I get so many questions about how and when to use it. As a new Mum, I'm really grateful to have the opportunity to use it."

She started using the HipSurfer when her son Jack was about nine months old, which she admits was a bit late. "I wish I had jumped in earlier. Jack was at a stage where he was really clingy, wanting to be carried everywhere. But carrying him all the time gave me sore wrists, forearms, and hand muscles. It made work really hard because I handle a lot of kids." 

Jack was a very colicky baby, so we did a lot of baby wearing - bouncing, rocking and cuddling for many weeks to settle him. It was really hard to put him down on the ground during this time and of course putting him into a carrier meant I couldn’t just pop him down as needed. We spent long periods of time in the carrier - which isn’t a terrible thing, we did what we needed to do to survive BUT I wish I had the hip surfer at this time. 

Once she started using the HipSurfer, she noticed significant relief. "I found a lot of relief for my hands and wrists. I could still carry Jack as much as he wanted, but without hurting myself. That was probably the most beneficial aspect for me."

She went on to share how the HipSurfer has helped her as Jack became more mobile. "Jack really just wants to be on the move now so having the versatility to carry him and support my own body then place him down at times is amazing. There are still times where he refuses to be on his own, you know usually when you’re cooking dinner or have something that needs to be done - so it’s the perfect answer for us to pick him up for short periods but keep getting on with our day!"

Britt doesn't just use the HipSurfer for her family, she also recommends it at her practice - Upside Kids Physio and Health. "I've recommended it for supporting and carrying kids that aren’t able to walk - our hip kids (DDH), cerebral palsy (CP), developmental delays (GDD) and genetic conditions. Some of the families we support benefit so much from a piece of equipment that they can use for a period of time."

"As a new Mum and Physiotherapist, I see a lot of Mums who tell me that they can’t put their child down for certain periods - whether that be because of a medical reason, developmental reason or just because their little one wants to be held! The hip surfer is the perfect answer for this - I see it as a device that will support both the parent and the child. As a physio we encourage lots of floor time (not just tummy time of course!). This allows the child to figure out where their body is in space. The HipSurfer allows moments of floor and free time but then also the opportunity to be picked up and cuddled as required without obviously causing stress and strain to the parent!"

 Benefits for Child Development

The HipSurfer isn't just beneficial for parents; it's also designed with child development in mind. Britt, whose specialty is childhood development, highlighted the importance of proper positioning when carrying children.

"In the first 12 months of life, children undergo rapid growth and changes in their skeletal system. We need to ensure that we're putting them in positions that aren't going to risk injury. The HipSurfer allows for an ideal carrying position, where the child is in a lovely M shape – bottom in the middle, knees up top, and legs out to the side. This position is perfect for the child's hips and overall development."

She also emphasised that the HipSurfer is suitable for children whether they are facing outwards (when they have proper head and neck control) or inwards. "The HipSurfer supports this healthy M position perfectly, ensuring it is not harmful but rather beneficial to the child's development. It's also beneficial for the parent, grandparent, or carer using it."

Britt also loves the versatility of the HipSurfer when out and about, "you need three sets of hands carrying bags, bottles, baby etc. so it’s nice to pop him on the shelf of the HipSurfer and not have to strain myself to carry him!"

Addressing Parental Concerns

Many parents may worry about the positioning of their child's hips when using carriers. Britt reassured that the M position, while it may seem awkward with the hips splayed out, is actually very healthy. "The hip joint is a ball and socket joint. When babies are little, the socket is not very deep, so it doesn't cover the head of the femur much. As they grow, the socket deepens. If we put their hips in positions where they might drop out, it can cause suboptimal conditions for development. The M position is definitely preferred to avoid any long-term issues."


The HipSurfer stands out as a valuable tool for new parents, offering physical relief and promoting healthy development for children. Its thoughtful design ensures that both the caregiver and the child are comfortable and safe. If you're a parent, grandparent, or carer looking for a solution to ease the strain of carrying your little one while supporting their development, the HipSurfer is a fantastic choice.

Explore the benefits of the HipSurfer today and join our community of happy, relieved parents who have made the switch. Your back, wrists, and growing child.

You can find Britt at her clinic - Upside Kids Physio and Health or on Instagram @upside_kids_physio

June 21, 2024