Welcome to the wild world of toddler tantrums – where chaos reigns, and parents are the fearless ringmasters of the circus. Public meltdowns? Oh, they're practically a toddler's version of a red-carpet event.

In this blog, we’ll share the dos and don’ts of dealing with public tantrums, and hopefully make even the most sleep deprived Mumma crack a smile.

  1. Go with the Flow

Do: Relieve their tired little legs when they demand to be picked up. Trust me, the alternative is not pretty. We recommend the HipSurfer for these challenging times. We've included a few handy hacks for using the HipSurfer as your Handy Toddler Tantrum Toolbelt at the bottom of this article.

Don't: Remind them that they didn't want you to bring the pushchair and that they promised you they'd walk. Meet them in the middle with your HipSurfer, allowing them to catch a lift or walk when they decide one is better than the other, multiple times during a 10-minute period. 

Surviving Toddler tantrums

  1. Stay Zen, Not Zany:

Do: Channel your inner zen master. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you've got this.

Don't: Transform into a cartoon character in the middle of the supermarket. While entertaining, it might attract more attention than your toddler's meltdown.

surviving toddler tantrums

  1. Distraction Dance Moves:

Do: Bust out your best dance moves or goofy faces. Who knew embarrassing your toddler could be so much fun?

Don't: Attempt a moonwalk in the frozen foods section. You're not Michael Jackson, and slippery floors are not your friend.

  1. Humour: Your Secret Weapon:

Do: Unleash your inner comedian. A well-timed joke can turn the tantrum stage into a stand-up comedy act.

Don't: Recite your entire comedy routine in the checkout line. Save the punchlines for when the audience is ready.

  1. Boundary Breakdown:

Do: Establish your boundaries. Think of it as setting the rules for a toddler-friendly game of hide-and-seek.

Don't: Initiate a game of hide-and-seek in the clothing racks. Finding your toddler is one thing, but explaining your game to security is another.

toddler tantrum go to guide

  1. Strategic Retreats – The Stealth Mode:

Do: Master the art of the tactical retreat. Sometimes, disappearing like a ninja is the best solution.

Don't: Attempt to sneak away with a shopping cart. The clattering sound of runaway carts is not as inconspicuous as you think.

  1. Celebrity Status:

Do: Treat your toddler like the VIP they are. Offer them choices and let them feel like the star of the show.

Don't: Start taking autograph requests from fellow shoppers. Your toddler's scribbles might not be as valuable as you think. 

  1. Positive Reinforcement:

Do: Shower your little one with praise for good behaviour. A standing ovation might be in order.

Don't: Start an impromptu awards ceremony in the middle of the mall. The Oscars are on a much larger stage.


Parenting is a comedy of errors, and toddler tantrums are the plot twists we never saw coming. These challenging times do pass and remember, in the grand circus of parenting, you're the star performer, at least it feels that way with onlooking eyes.

To make outings easier on you and your toddler, make sure you have a HipSurfer life raft with you. You can then surf the tantrum waves, ease tired legs and provide the skin-to-skin contact that your 'big person' still craves. 

How the HipSurfer Can Help

Managing toddler tantrums can indeed be a challenge, but with the HipSurfer Baby Carrier & Bum Bag, you've got a versatile partner to help transform tricky moments into opportunities for connection and comfort. This is therefore your partner in crime when it comes to toddlers who like 'flexibility' when out and about.

1. Comforting Cuddles on the Go

Ease and Connection: During those moments when the world becomes too much for your little one, a big person cuddle is just what they need. The HipSurfer allows you to offer this nurturing touch when on the move, alleviating the usual strain on your arms or back. Whether you're out shopping or simply strolling, it ensures your toddler can transition into a calm space, when they feel the need to be closer to you.

This closeness is more than physical support; it's about providing an emotional anchor for your child. With the HipSurfer, your little one feels secure and loved, turning tears into smiles and fostering a tranquil environment, no matter where you are.

surviving toddler tantrums

Freedom to Go with the Flow: The strap-free design of the HipSurfer means you can seamlessly adapt to your toddler's needs without feeling restricted or strapped down. Whether they seek attention, comfort, or just want to be held, the HipSurfer allows you to carry with ease, whilst out and about.
This freedom is not just about making life easier for you; it's about being fully present for your child. With your hands unbound and your movements unrestricted, you can provide the comfort, play, or care they need, transitioning challenging moments into a state of calm.
toddler tantrums and the hipsurfer
Swift and Simple Solution when Tantrums Strike: Tantrums can erupt suddenly, catching you off guard. The user-friendly design of the HipSurfer means you can quickly offer your child the comfort and security they crave, minimizing stress and creating a tranquil outing for not only you, but nosey onlookers.
In those unexpected moments of distress, the ease and speed with which the HipSurfer responds can be the key to swiftly restoring peace. It's not just a carrier; it's your quick-response tool for maintaining a serene, connected atmosphere, wherever life and tantrums, make take you. 



January 23, 2024