In this blog, we will (hopefully) answer your burning questions around teething, such as, “what baby teeth come out first?” and exactly “when does a baby start teething?” Teething is not always easy and often unsettling for little ones, so we’ll also share a teething sidekick that will help you to navigate and soothe your baby through these anxious times.

“What’s That Drool All About?”

You may start to notice small signs that teething has begun. A trail of drool, soggy wet tops, your little munchkin chewing on everything in sight and then there’s the irritability for no apparent reason.  Oh….and I nearly forgot, those pungent nappies that burn their little tushes.

Teething usually kicks off around the 6-month mark, but each little one is on their own unique timeline. The first little pearly whites to peek through, are usually the bottom central incisors. Their gums may look red and swollen beforehand and often their little chubby cheeks look like they have somehow been into your makeup bag and applied a thick layer of blush.

The Hacks That Help

During teething, babies may become fussy or unsettled, making it challenging for parents to carry out daily tasks. Multi-tasking seems near impossible, as they just want to be near to you. You understand that cuddles are key, but you’ve got meals to make, floors to vacuum and washing to fold.  We get it.

Here are some proven hacks to help you to multitask:

  • Let them chew! Provide them with healthy things to chew on. If they are eating solids then you can try things such as soft fruit like melon and frozen watermelon that has slightly defrosted, or you could try a teething ring or wrung out facecloth (place in the fridge to cool beforehand).
  • Distraction – Give them something to take their mind off the discomfort, such as their favourite tunes. They’ll love watching you dancing to the beat whilst you complete your chores.
  • Freeze Milk Popsicles – Fill a BPA-free popsicle mould with their breastmilk or formula. Be sure to place a bib on to catch the drips as it melts and soothes.
  • Pain Medication – As a last resort, you can talk to your doctor or pharmacist for medication. There are many to choose from and they can be applied directly to the gums to help reduce the pain and swelling.

When Cuddles Are All That Will Help…..

Babies often find comfort in being close to their parents/caregivers and let’s face it, sometimes a cuddle is the only fix!

Just as well we have a trusty sidekick that provides a snug retreat for your little one, whilst freeing up one arm to work your magic on that washing pile!

Our stylish HipSurfer helps you to carry your fussy pup in four different ways, whilst keeping them close, in their comfort cocoon.  And unlike a baby carrier, these take just 15 seconds to strap on around your waist, absorbing the full weight of your child. The ergonomic design and wide, padded waistband allow parents/caregivers to hold their child closer for longer, without pain or strain – it’s a win-win!

You can also change up your look and remove the drool marks with washable covers and carry for up to 3 years, helping you to not only navigate teething time, but any time they want to be close. 

January 17, 2024