Let's get real, baby carrying in Winter is not always smiles and rainbows. As the winter snap creeps in, carrying our babies and toddlers can become pretty stressful, especially when layering up and down constantly as we go about our day.

The struggle of strapping your child in and out of carriers is real and this is why we created the HipSurfer. With only one strap that goes around your waist - you can throw a jacket on or take a jumper off - without having to remove the carrier at all.  

Here's all the reason's to love the HipSurfer in Winter

Mum using Hackerlily HipSurfer hip seat carrier in the Winter with jacket on

Ease of Use, Warmth, and Comfort:

A hip seat baby carrier is a great option when looking for a baby carrier for the winter. The super simple and quick on and off nature of Hackerlily's HipSurfer Hip seat allows you to quickly adjust when removing or adding a layer in the cold.

In addition, the strap-free design means you can add and remove your babies clothing layers without adjusting any straps on the carrier. As parents and carers, you can add or remove layers easily too. We suggest that you take your child off the HipSurfer before you remove any layers. 

It's truly remarkable how the HipSurfer can make such a huge difference. The HipSurfer is designed for convenience, enabling you to keep your baby close and cozy while effortlessly managing outer layers without any fuss. 

best baby carrier for the winter time - hipsurfer hipseat

Enhanced Mobility and Freedom:

Let's face it; parenthood can sometimes feel like a marathon, especially during winters when even the simplest tasks can seem like a daunting challenge. But don't worry, we've got your back and your baby too. The HipSurfer can safely carry your child to all the places that buggies can't. 

The practicality of the HipSurfer is a gift in itself. You won't have to worry about a complicated setup, tangled straps, or wrestling with bulky carriers anymore. The simplicity and convenience of the HipSurfer ensure that you and your baby can embark on winter adventures together, forming unforgettable memories without being weighed down by the overwhelm of constantly putting on and taking off your baby carrier as you go indoors and out. 

mum carrying child on the beach in winter - best hipseat baby carrier

Embracing Winter with Confidence:

The HipSurfer Hip Seat is more than just a baby carrier; it's a game-changer for parents who wish to experience the true joys of winter outings without the hassle. With its convenient design, simplicity, and comfort, it's a winter must-have that will revolutionise the way you carry and connect with your baby during this magical season.

So, let the HipSurfer be your winter saviour, bringing warmth to your hearts and ease to your journeys. Embrace the joy of parenting and the beauty of winter, hand in hand with your little one.

Happy Winter Adventures with the HipSurfer!

July 28, 2023