Meet super mum Vanessa and her 2 yo Olivia (Liv).

I mean could you possibly find a more happy and care free mum holding her growing little co-pilot? We love how the HipSurfer hipseat baby carrier is able to bring so much support, comfort and freedom to diverse families with a wide range of needs.

A few months ago we met Vanessa and her gorgeous daughter Liv. Liv has Down Syndrome and while she is so smiley, chatty and full of beans, she is still learning to walk independently. However, this has not stopped this family (living in Lake Macquarie NSW) from living an active lifestyle filled with beach walks, camping, bike and boat rides.

HipSurfer Baby Carrier, Bum Bag and Toddler Toolbelt In One

“The perfect carrier for supporting Liv’s growing weight”

Vanessa says that ‘Hackerlily’s HipSurfer is the perfect baby carrier to support Olivia’s growing weight while also taking the strain off her arms and back”. When Vanessa saw another mum with a HipSurfer, whose son also has Down syndrome, she knew she had to get one herself. Other baby carriers just didn’t feel right for Vanessa or Olivia.

Vanessa loves how easy the HipSurfer is to put on, more convenient than getting the pram out, and includes storage pockets for nappies, wipes, and even keys. Social butterfly Olivia also loves being up high and facing forward on walks. Vanessa’s husband and friends are also massive fans.

“Best baby carrier for school drop-offs and pick ups”

The HipSurfer is perfect for school drop-offs, pick-ups, quick trips to the shops, lake, beach walks, and even when prepping meals. It also allows Vanessa to keep Liv close to her, as she loves her cuddles. Especially in those cold winter mornings, perfect for keeping Liv warm while they both watch Liv’s brother play soccer.

Can you claim the HIpSurfer through the NDIS?

For other families with special needs children, Vanessa suggests discussing with your child’s physio first and requesting a written recommendation to support your claim in purchasing the HipSurfer through your NDIS plan. Her claim was approved after going through the NDIS portal, with Liv’s physio even expressing the HipSurfer's fantastic features.

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Hackerlily HipSurfer hipseat baby carrier mother and child

September 11, 2023