If you are like us, even the thought of traveling with a baby or toddler can be stressful and anxiety inducing. But fear not! We've designed the HipSurfer to be the ultimate travel accessory that will make your next journey a breeze.

The Hackerlily HipSurfer Hipseat Baby Carrier has earned its spot in the coveted Bounty Parents 'Best Travel Product' Guide for good reason. With its versatility and convenience, this hipseat baby carrier will be your best friend on all your family adventures.

Here's what Bounty Parents have to say: 

"A revelation for parents on the go, Hackerlily’s HipSurfer is like a bumbag with seat and takes seconds to put on, making is quicker and easier to cuddle and carry your little one. Designed by Aussie mum Laura Campbell, the ergonomic, strap free, hipseat baby carrier has wide, padded waistband sits snugly on the waist and redistributes the full weight of the child. As well as helping ease some of the pain of carrying an older baby or young child, the HipSurfer also has built-in storage, so your keys and phone are within easy reach. HipSurfer also has a range of washable, waterproof covers so you can mix up the design to match your adventures."

So, let's dig deeper into why the Hackerlily HipSurfer is a must-have travel companion? We'll explore its features and discover why parents around the world are raving about it:

Airport Assistance:

  • After stowing your pram under the plane, the HipSurfer comes to the rescue, offering a comfortable and secure way to carry your little one from the check-in right through to the gate. 
  • With your babies weight absorbed by the carrier, your hands are more free to handle luggage and travel documents with ease. You can even fit your passport in the storage compartment!

mum at airport using baby carrier - best baby carrier for travel.

On-Board Bliss:

  • Walking down the narrow aisles of a plane can be tricky, especially while holding a baby. The HipSurfer enables you to walk to your seat with confidence and comfort (and without your baby zig zagging all over the plane)
  • When your baby is struggling to get to sleep on the plane, one option is to put on a buckle carrier but alas when they fall asleep, the transition can be difficult and can even wake them up. The HipSurfer allows an easy transition from sleeping and cuddling - straight back down to their seat. As you soothe your little one, the carrier provides a supportive and secure hold, making both of you feel at ease during the flight.

Go everywhere that wheels can't

  • There are places where prams simply can't go, but the HipSurfer can! Whether it's navigating crowded streets, climbing stairs, or exploring rugged terrains, this carrier ensures you can go anywhere, hassle-free. Your toddler can enjoy walking one minute and they can easily hitch a ride on the HipSurfer when they get tired

mum using hipsurfer hipseat baby carrier in the snow. best baby carrier for the snow

Theme Park Adventures:

  • Imagine taking your child to a theme park, where they can be part of the experience without you having to carry their entire weight.
  • Theme parks can be a lot of fun, but the crowds, attractions and all the walking between rides can make for a tiring and exhausting day. Our  hipseat carrier absorbs the full weight of your child, giving them freedom to get up and down as many times as they please.

hipsurfer hipseat baby carrier - best baby carrier for theme parks

Supporting the Ups and Downs:
  • Traveling with a family inevitably involves plenty of ups and downs, both literally and figuratively. The HipSurfer is there to lend a helping hand, providing support for your back and arms through the whole day.

Storage Galore:

  • The HipSurfer is not just a carrier; it's a multitasking marvel. With storage space under the seat and five handy pockets, you can easily carry all the essentials for your travels while keeping your hands free. It's the ultimate baby carrier and bum bag - in one!

The Hackerlily HipSurfer Hipseat Baby Carrier is truly a game-changer for parents who love to explore the world with their little ones. 

With its ability to accompany you through airports, planes, theme parks, and any other destination your wanderlust takes you, the HipSurfer ensures that your baby stays safe, comfortable, and close to you throughout your journey.

So, if you're planning your next adventure with your baby or toddler, don't forget to pack the Hackerlily HipSurfer Hipseat Baby Carrier. Your travels will be more enjoyable, stress-free, and memorable for the whole family!

June 29, 2023