We get asked this question quite a lot. Hipseat carriers are pretty rare to find in Australia. They are technically called lumbar stools and - interesting fact - aren't actually classified as a baby carriers. 

Let's jump into answering some of these FAQ's.

How is the HipSurfer different to traditional baby carriers?: 

  • There is no body harness or straps that go over your shoulders. That means no strapping in, readjusting or getting baby settled in the HipSurfer. Just lift them up, and they’re on board.
  • There is a large compartment where you can fit your baby travel essentials - it literally doubles up as a bum bag. We think that's pretty unique 
  • There is one buckle and strap that wraps around your waist - it takes under 15" to put on and doesn't require any help from anyone else to put it on.
  • In most baby carriers the baby sits into a pouch of material. The HipSurfer is made of a super strong bracket which can hold 40+ kg's of weight. It's shaped just like a ....seat
  • The HipSurfer is designed to absorb and redistribute the weight of your baby for you. Pain-free baby carrying. Yes!
  • Your HipSurfer allows for four different carry positions (as opposed to a baby carrier’s two positions) which can be adjusted within seconds to suit your (and baby's) comfort and preferences. The newborn/breastfeeding hold (from birth), the side carry, carry facing in or carry facing out.
  • A traditional baby carrier is typically only used for a few months until your baby grows out of its restrictions. The HipSurfer can be used well into toddlerhood and it's so durable it can last multiple children - meaning it's fantastic value for money

And the best part - If your baby falls asleep whilst HipSurfing there is no fear-inducing “if we lift them out will they wake up” moments. You can easily transfer to a cot, without the awkward Houdini routine

“Is this just another baby product that will end up in the back of the cupboard?”

Your HipSurfer will give you as much of a life as you give it. Use it every day, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, out and about at the markets, at a family BBQ or just walking in the park and you will see how much mileage you can gain from your HipSurfer.

Instead of the more traditional baby carriers that may sit by the door for a few months, then get put away for the next baby, you can use the HipSurfer every day from your little one’s birth, right into toddlerhood. 

“I already feel I leave the house with a gazillion things. Is this just another thing?”

Boy do we feel you!

We like to say the HipSurfer is a baby carrier, bum bag and toddler tool-belt All-In-One. When you’re leaving the house for a walk or a coffee catch up, you don’t want to be weighed down with another baby thing to carry. We get it!  

In the HipSurfer there is enough space for a nappy, mini wipes, change mat, muslin, snacks and sunglasses in the zipped pocket beneath the seat. You can also safely stash your card, keys, phone, lip gloss and dummies in the side pockets. 

Plus, you can pop a bottle for on-the-go feeds in the mesh bottle holder hidden behind the zipped pocket and slide it back in when finished. Securely attach toys, muslins and teething rings so you don’t lose your stuff whilst on the go.

Just don’t forget the baby and you’re good to go! 

June 20, 2023