HipSurfer Hip Seat Baby Carrier & Bum Bag

Carry, nurse, cuddle, breastfeed and soothe your newborn, baby or toddler (0-3) with ease, convenience, freedom and comfort.

"Thank you for saving my back! My 8 month old loves jumping onto the HipSurfer for cuddles & enjoys the freedom of being able to get up and down as he pleases. My husband loves it too!" - KEIRA ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • The Original Aussie Owned Hipseat Carrier
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee Or Your Money Back
  • Premium Quality, 1 Year Warranty
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Get Ready For A Whole New World Of Care-Free And Strain-Free Baby Carrying With The Most Durable, Comfortable And Multi-Purpose Carrier That Will Be Used Everyday - From Birth To Toddlerhood (0-3)

The Hackerlily HipSurfer Hip Seat is a stylish, strap-free Baby Carrier and Bum Bag that sits snuggly around your waist and absorbs the full weight of your child. The ergonomic design and wide, padded waistband allows parents and grandparents to hold their child with ease, convenience, freedom and comfort. 

With just 1 buckle and an easy hop-on/hop-off design, it takes around 15 seconds to strap on so you can be soothing your child in no time. 

The large storage compartment under the seat, retractable bottle holder and 3 extra pocket provides the ultimate in convenience. You can store all you need for a few hours out of the house. Nappies, bags, cream, travel wipes, bottle, glasses, keys, wallet and phone can all be stored in your HipSurfer.

Add our interchangeable Washable Covers to protect your HipSurfer. With 11 covers to choose from, you will look on point for any occasion - the beach, a wedding, special event or day at a theme park.

For adult waist sizes 18+ we recommend you purchase the HipSurfer Waistband Extender that supports sizes 18-28+

Please read the Product & Safety Manual before placing your child on the HipSurfer.

Washable Covers, Change Mat and Storage Bag not included


    Always Carry Your Child With One Arm Around Them At All Times

    • Fits size 6-18 Australian size / waist size 59cm - 117cm
    • Safety Certified To Global Safety Standards
    • Ergonomic Design For Babies Hip Healthy Position
    • Supports Child Up To 15Kgs
    • For Mums, Dads, Grandparents & Carers
    • Doubles as a bum bag with space for the mini travel essentials
    • Hidden bottle holder behind pocket
    • Washable covers not included
    • Completely Machine Washable
    • Takes under 15" to adjust and strap on
    • Add the Waistband Extender for adults size 18+

    The ergonomic hipseat: The ergonomic design of our innovative HipSurfer absorbs the full weight of your baby and ensures that their hips are always in the optimal hip healthy position, promoting healthy hip development. Better health, less pain and strain for you! No longer will you need to pop out your hip, creating a shelf for your bub to sit on.

    Innovative waistband and belt: The strap-free, super simple carrier evenly distributes your baby’s weight - so you can carry your little one closer for longer and without pain or strain. Easily adjusted to suit 8-20 Australian sized adults (may go to 24 I need to double check)

    Four carry positions: Your HipSurfer allows for four different carry positions which can be adjusted within seconds to suit your (and baby's) comfort and preferences. The newborn/breastfeeding hold (from birth), the side carry, carry facing in or carry facing out.

    Interchangeable covers: This world first innovation gives you the freedom to style your carrier in line with your outfit, occasion, mood and overall style each day. Your ideal accessory for twinning Mummy & Me outfits. If you’re living your best #instamum life then you’ll love this option.

    Savvy storage: The HipSurfer is a baby carrier and mini bum bag in one. With just enough space for a few nappies, mini wipes, snacks and sunglasses in the zipped pocket beneath the seat. Safely stash your card, keys, phone, lip gloss and dummies in the side pockets. Securely attach toys, muslins and teething rings so you don’t lose your stuff whilst on the go.

    Hidden mesh bottle holder: Stash a bottle for on-the-go feeds in the mesh bottle holder hidden behind the zipped pocket and slide it back in when finished. Winning!

    Stylish patterns and colours for covers: No rainbows or fluffy bunnies here. Feel your authentic self even when you have a little co-pilot. New designs will be released regularly in line with fashion styles, trends, seasons and design collabs.

    Hard wearing material: The HipSurfer is crafted from stain-resistant, durable, washable and hard-wearing polyester. Designed for years of use for the whole family and sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible by our partners.

    Easily washable: The covers wash super easily and the whole HipSurfer can be washed on a low temp if there are any spills or whoopsies.


    We are delighted to have received phenomenal feedback and recommendations from the following health practitioners in Australia:

    • Chiropractor, Dr Ali Young
    • Chiropractor & Children's Health Specialist, Dr Jacey Pryjma
    • Physio, Brock Smith
    • Physio and Womens Health Specialist, Alison Jeffrey


    It’s a medical fact, carrying your growing children (especially as a new mother or grandparent) can cause injury and long-term chronic pain, if the cause of the condition is not treated.

    Common conditions that the HipSurfer can aid, reduce, improve or prevent include:

    Spinal Curvature:
    We’ve all seen the mum in the park popping her hip out to carry her toddler - now imagine doing that 100 times a day for 3-9 years. That has got to do some kind of chronic, long-term damage right?

    The HipSurfer has been designed to reduce the ‘hip-pop’ and to improve posture and overall spine and back health in carers.

    Dr Jacey says 'The HipSurfer provides a beautiful merriment of caring for your spine as a parent and supporting your child to have a freedom and flexibility they need."

    "As a Chiropractor I am constantly working with parents who have created a ‘sway’ in their lumbar spine from constantly holding their baby on one hip. These postural imbalances lead to stress and strain that can affect function and also be painful.

    The HipSurfer provides parents with a thick comfortable belt that distributes the weight well. Allowing the parent to remain in a more neutral position. Because it provides such good support for the child, it also means parents can then start to practice holding the child on the other side. Chiropractors always love balancing out patterns and habits like this. It’s good for the body and also good for the brain!"

    Brock Smith, Brisbane based physio says: a sudden increase in lifting can cause overuse injuries (RSI) in the elbow, thumb, back, neck, shoulders, forearms and other susceptible areas.

    Solution: The HipSurfer’s ergonomic design allows the baby to rest their full weight on the hipseat, allowing the parent to rest their lower back, arms, shoulders, wrists and fingers. By reducing the action and impact of gripping and holding the child’s total weight, this will in turn reduce the chance of an RSI.

    Hormones are released in pregnancy which cause ligaments to relax in preparation for childbirth. Unfortunately this can also cause some joints to move more than what they are meant to - SJI is one example of this. The Sacro-iliac joint sits at the base of the spine. Normally this has very minimal movement, although during pregnancy it can move more and cause irritation, shooting pain and swelling in the area. This irritation can then be exaggerated when carrying a new baby on the hip"

    Solution: Brock recommends the HipSurfer to any new mum who is facing challenges with overuse injuries like SJI to trial off-loading the painful area - reducing the pain stress and allowing some time to heal.

    The HipSurfer can help with treating the underlying cause to a range of injuries facing new mums and other parents. By relieving the cause of pain by using the HipSurfer, it can mean less costs in attending appointments and more time spent at home with your bub. Who wouldn’t want that?

    It is recommended to talk to your Physio to see if this product is right for you"


    The HipSurfer supports the healthy M position for babies (this is where their knees are above their bum) and helps reduce the cause and recovery of overuse injuries related to baby carrying.

    No longer will you be permanently fixed in the popped-out-hip, weird curved back, baby hanging off you, kinda struggling #mumsstance.

    Dr Ali Young Says: "As a parent who had a child with hip dysplasia, I wish I had this product to help with carrying my little girl."

    "As a practitioner, I love the design and the angle of the hips around the mother, the support it offers, and the ability to have an attached parenting style whilst still maintaining the integrity of the child's hip function."


    Hard Wearing Material: The HipSurfer is crafted from stain-resistant, durable, washable and hard-wearing polyester. Designed for years of use for the whole family and sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible by our partners.

    Easily Washable: The covers wash super easily and the whole HipSurfer can be washed on a low temp if there are any spills or whoopsies.


    • For light cleaning, wipe clean with a cloth
    • Take the seat bracket out before washing (located within and behind seat storage)
    • We highly recommend you purchase the hipseat covers which are easily removed and cleaned, preserving your hipseat for years to come.
    • Wash in in cold water on a gentle wash
    • Do not soak or use bleach
    • Air dry only to ensure longevity


    Shell - polyester and faux leather

    Lining - Polyester and cotton

    Hip seat frame - EPP



    • Until you have carefully read the entire Hackerlily HipSurfer Instruction Manual
    • While cooking and cleaning which involve dangerous elements such as heat, fire or chemicals
    • When balance or mobility is impaired due to exercise, alcohol, drowsiness, or medical conditions
    • When driving, playing sport or in water


    • Inspect HipSurfer carefully, ensuring all parts are in working order
    • Read all instructions before placing child on the seat
    • Consult a doctor first if pregnant or suffering other health conditions
    • Failure to follow these warnings and instructions can result in death or serious injury


    • Children under 6 months of age should face inwards at all times,
      unless breastfeeding
    • Keep your arms around the child at all times and monitor closely
    • Only use while standing stationary or walking slowly and carefully
    • Be mindful of balance whilst leaning over
    • Always bend at knees and keep child sitting upright at all times


    • Hackerlily warrants that our products are free from any manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the original date of purchase
    • If you are in need of warranty or repair for a Hackerlily product, please contact us at help@hackerlily.com or refer to the FAQ’s section at hackerlily.com

    4 ways to carry



    0 - 3 YEARS



    4 Months to 3 Years



    6 Months - 3 Years



    6 Months - 3 Years

    Customer reviews
    Customer reviews
    The HipSurfer is seriously a game changer for me. Ever since my bubba arrived, my wrists have been so sore! As soon as I put the HipSurfer on, my hands were so much more relaxed.
    Customer reviews
    This is a carrier without all the weird straps around you, it makes it very easy (and quick) to change my baby from the siting position to the breastfeeding one or even from side to side… It really takes her dead weight off me so I can carry her longer.
    Customer reviews
    Since my baby started walking, he no longer wants to be strapped into the carrier or pram. After trying the HipSurfer and realising how much pressure was taken off my wrist and how easy it was to hold our baby, it this product really is a no-brainer!

    Our #1 priority here at Hackerlily is your happiness. We have your back as well as your peace of mind. If you have a problem, we will solve it. If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.


    Is The HipSurfer safe for babies and toddlers developing bodies?

    Pediatricians recommend a healthy seated “M” position when babies are being carried - and luckily for you, the HipSufer naturally promotes this through it's ergonomic design.

    The “M” position means your little one’s knees should be sitting higher than their bum when they’re in the face-to-face and side carry position.

    For more information about the hip healthy "M" position or download our Product and Safety Manual

    Is there an age or weight limit?

    The Hackerlily HipSurfer can be used from birth as a breastfeeding support aid. From 4 -6 months old, babies can hop on and take a ride on the HipSurfer (facing in towards you). As your baby grows and starts to sit up and explore the world you will see your HipSurfer grow into its baby carrying golden years!

    Learn more in our Product and Safety Manual here

    Is the HipSurfer machine washable?

    The covers wash super easily and the whole HipSurfer can be washed on a low temp if there are any spills or whoopsies.


    • For light cleaning, wipe clean with a cloth
    • Take the seat bracket out before washing (located within and behind seat storage)
    • We highly recommend you purchase the hipseat covers which are easily removed and cleaned, preserving your hipseat for years to come.
    • Wash in in cold water on a gentle wash
    • Do not soak or use bleach
    • Air dry only to ensure longevity
    What is your product warranty?

    Hackerlily provides a 1 year product warranty (effective from date of purchase) for the HipSurfer and Rebel backpack which covers any manufacturer defects in material or workmanship. 

    For all other products provide a 90 day warranty.

    We are 100% here to support you so please reach out with any queries on this at hello@hackerlily.com

    Read more in our Returns and Refund Policy page

    Can grandparents use the HipSurfer?

    Absolutely the HipSurfer is a total game changer for grandparents who want to hold their grandchild closer for longer. We've received nothing but rave reviews.

    Strappy carriers can often become burdensome, especially when sharing amongst several family members.

    The HipSurfer is so easy to put on and adjust. The wide waistband is extremely comfortable and the HipSurfer absorbs the full weight of your grandchild.

    When can baby face forward on a hip carrier?

    Babies can begin to face outward in the HipSurfer Infant carrier when they can independently hold their head up, which is typically around 4 to 6 months of age. Beyond facing outward, your baby can face you for direct interaction and bonding or be positioned on your hip for a comfortable side-straddle, making it easier for parents to use their hands while baby can have a new perspective.

    What is the best toddler carrier in Australia?

    The HipSurfer is approved by Doctors and has won multiple Gold Awards for product design and family travel. The HipSurfer toddler carrier can support children up to 15Kgs or 3 years old, allowing for 3 years of everyday use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 131 reviews
    Why did I not use this before now!

    Easy to put on, feels sturdy and comfortable. Supports my lower back and stops my constant hip popping. Frees up my hands enough to do tasks, but also allows me to put my little one down easily. Love the colour options too! It’s easy to wipe clean, bonus!

    N. (Sydney, AU)
    happiness for my arms and back and family’s back

    I have been waiting for something like this. Don’t hesitate. The only thing you will regret is not getting it sooner.

    PS colours go with everything including Pjs

    MotherooMontessori Shaine (Perth, AU)
    If you want your arms to rest while doing easy tasks!

    We love our carrier! Once I tried it on, I could finally feel the difference and relief! Bub is so happy too! I love that I can use this daily to just do simple tasks while keeping little Bub near me. The Design, material and safety features are amazing! Highly recommended!

    B.F. (Perth, AU)

    Great quality easy to put on very comfortable to wear this is a must Great service very fast delivery always good to support Australia product you can't go wrong with this one lots of space for anything u need

    Caitlyn (Perth, AU)
    My number one must have

    I started using the hip surfer when my boy turned 12 weeks. He was already over 7kg at the time and my back was starting to ache when I needed to carry him or soothe him into a nap. I have several carriers/slings that he often naps in but they can be quite fiddley to put on and get out of. When he is awake he is quite active and wants to see everything and change position a hundred times. The hip surfer is so comfortable on my back. I’ve used it much more than expected. I hold him facing me, facing out and in side lying. It’s really easy and quick to put on and very versatile. I can see us using it for years to come.
    Super happy with my purchase and have been recommending it to all.

    Yaaas! This has made my day! You must keep us up to date with your HipSurfing adventures - so glad you love HipSurfing and it's brought just a bit more comfort and ease to your day xxx

    Keely Stephenson (Brisbane, AU)
    Saving grace!

    Suffering with arthritis in my lower back at a young age I didn’t realise the impact carrying a decent sized small human around day and night would do to my already exhausted body. I purchased the hackerlily hoping it would give me some relief (and my chiro endorsed it). BEST PURCHASE EVER! I can easily carry my gorgeous girl around, back is smiling with relief and I can finally enjoy going places without a pram! Thank you! Pure brilliance

    Hi Keely. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with the HipSurfer! I'm so glad to hear that it has been a saving grace for you and your lower back. It's amazing to see how it has made a positive impact on your daily life, and it's even better to know that your chiropractor has given it their endorsement. As someone who also suffers from arthritis, I completely understand the struggle of carrying around a little one. Thank you for supporting Hackerlily and spreading the love for the HipSurfer. We are so happy to have you in our HipSurfing community Take care!

    E.G. (Melbourne, AU)
    Can’t live without my hipsurfer!

    I recently purchased my 2nd hipsurfer as a gift for my mum! She looks after my kids quite often, and heavily relies on the hipsurfer every time to wear around the house, or to go on walks with - she literally can’t live without it after using mine!

    The hipsurfer has been a game-changer for her, and in all honesty has benefit her so much as it helps distribute the weight more evenly and provides much-needed support for her back and hips. She uses it with such ease, and now she can carry her grand babies without the added strain on her body. Of course with mother’s day approaching, this was the perfect gift for her as she kept taking mine haha! I highly recommend the hipsurfer to any parent, I use mine religiously for school drop off’s/pick up’s, a quick shop or when my little one is being clingy when he’s unwell. It also makes a GREAT gift for a grandparent looking for a practical solution to carrying their grandchildren comfortably and safely, or any parent to be 🥰

    Thank you Hackerlily for an amazing product!

    Belinda (Melbourne, AU)
    Back saver!

    I saw the ads. And yes I was skeptical! But my back was giving in from holding my toddler to the point where I had to go see my osteo again. So yes! I got it! And boy did I wish I had gotten it sooner. Now I can cuddle my not-so-light toddler any time. ❤️ Oh, my little boy now points at the hipsurfer and asks to be cuddled. Like seriously! Used this instead of the pram for school pick ups and it was so Eeeeasy! Plus did I mention no back strain or pain? Hallelujah!

    Libby Nihill (Sydney, AU)
    Love love love

    This is a must have!! We travel a lot and I’ve found it so much easier than a regular baby carrier. I can interact with my son more when he’s using the hackerlily because he can see more and respond to me. I also have injured my tendons in my forearms from carrying such a heavy baby (10kg at 7m) and the hackerlily is helping take the pressure off. I love that you can use it when you’re feeding too. It’s definitely an investment piece that makes your life easier!

    Photo attached is from our recent visit to SeaLife Aquarium in Sydney

    Love that you are enjoying so much ease and relief from your injuries Libby! Happy HipSurfing Adventures

    Teah (Perth, AU)
    Super comfy and light!

    Purchased the black and gold hip carrier, came with what felt like only a few days was super fast.
    Open box and it just looked so amazing, then tried it on it was like I wasn't wearing anything at all.
    With the short time I've had it its had no issue holding my almost 10kg 8 month old boy. Emailed them with a concern and they got back to me very quickly.

    Great carrier, wonderful communication. I've recommended this carrier to many mums on Facebook groups that I am joined with.

    Woohoo! Thanks for the fabulous feedback on the HipSurfer and our support for you Teah! We love supporting our community through the ups and downs xx