Hackerlily Ultimate Gift Bundle (SAVE $170)

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The most stylish, practical, long lasting and unique gift set

"I gifted this bundle to myself and also my best friend! We adore the HipSurfer and our beautiful accessories!"

Introducing the "Ultimate Gift Bundle" by Hackerlily. This is the ultimate present for expecting mums, new parents, and families with toddlers.

This thoughtfully curated bundle includes our four flagship essential items that will make life easier, more stylish, and incredibly convenient for parents and little ones.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift or treating yourself, the Hackerlily Ultimate Gift Bundle has you covered. 

Included in the Ultimate Gift Bundle:

  • 1 Black HipSurfer Baby Carrier & Bum Bag
  • 1 Black Gingham Washable Cover 
  • 1 Rebel Backpack 
  • 1 Charlie Change Mat 

We have combined these 4 most popular products to create the Ultimate Gift Bundle.

You can view more details about each product on their respective product pages:


Washable Covers

Rebel Nappy Backpack

Charlie Change Mat Clutch

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