We sat down with Dr Natasha (Tash) Lunn an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant and Osteopath, who founded The Boobala, which helps parents and babies breastfeed happily. Tash is also a Mum of three (aged 3, 11 and 13), 

Tash has been such an incredible supporter of Hackerlily and we instantly connected around the values we share of supporting parents through the ups and downs of parenthood. Tash shared that it was important for her to provide her clients with someone who is in their corner, being their cheer squad, giving them professional evidence based, accurate information, and readjusting their majestic crown as they achieve their motherhood and breastfeeding goals, whatever they may be. 

Natasha Lunn - Lactation Consultant

We asked Tash what kind of challenges she saw parents facing in their child's first few years. And she felt that overwhelm and burnout were the biggest challenges for parents. From unrealistic societal expectations, loading too much on our to-do lists and not asking for help, to the fallout from Covid - exclaiming that life is hard for parents in a child's first years. 

She went on to share that so many new mums expect to have lower back pain or that their pelvic floor may need some attention following the birth of their baby. But many are often surprised by how much their shoulders and upper body are affected by all the new daily routines they didn’t have to do before, like holding and picking up a baby for many hours a day causing tendonitis in their wrists, neck and shoulder pain from carrying their child, even the upper body strength and co-ordination to get babies into and out of car seats and prams (especially once they have outgrown a capsule).

The other aspect is the health of the baby. We have so many different “containers” for babies from bassinets and capsule prams to bouncers and play gyms that we forget that these are whole unnatural environments. Prolonged time in these types of products can affect baby’s head shape and hip and spine development. From an evolutionary perspective our babies are used to being close to us.  

Tash is also an incredible advocate of the HipSurfer and is one of our fabulous stockists in Camden, Sydney - at the Completely Aligned Osteo clinic

"That’s why I love the HipSurfer. With our busy lifestyles it is sometimes not feasible to baby wear all the time, it allows you to keep your bub close and transition to putting bub down quickly and easily when you need to."

Tash has firsthand experience with the HipSurfer having used it for her surprise Covid baby and with patients during treatment. 

"I was astounded at how comfortable the HipSurfer was when I was carrying my three year old (and she is heavy!). I was no longer rotating my pelvis to support her, and it felt so comfortable on my lumbar spine. I actually prefer it to a wrap or carrier as I found being bigger busted my boobs would often get in the way in one way or the other. Also, with the Australian climate baby wearing can often get sticky, sweaty and uncomfortable for me and my child, the HipSurfer was great on the really hot days we have had lately as my preschooler could be carried after a play in the park, but we didn’t heat each other up either like we would in a structured carrier.

mother breastfeeding her child

The Hipsurfer has been used during Osteo treatments with paediatric patients

"It has been amazing, previously when carrying a child in a treatment if they didn’t like lying or sitting on the table, I would support with one hand and treat with the other, this now lets me use both hands at once, optimising the treatment.

I also love the gently sloping design to support bub’s bottom and the wide hip posture to promote hip joint health and safety.

The quality is better than any breastfeeding pillow product that I have seen which often twist and end up looking gross after a few feeds and spews on it. I love the removable covers too!"

Tash shared feedback from a parent she had helped, following the use of the HipSurfer during her treatments:

New mum with an infant said “I can’t believe it I am literally just supporting his head in my elbow and the HipSurfer is doing the rest. And he is feeding beautifully."

Tash's Lactation Advice

  • Know who your IBCLC’s (Lacation Consultants) are in your area before you need them!

  • Always keep an icepack in your fridge (for mastitis)
  • There is no food that will boost your supply, a packet of Tim Tams or a box of lactation cookies will do the same thing, it's all down to calories!

The body fatigue that comes with holding your baby while you breastfeed is real, especially during long nursing sessions in the beginning. We can learn breastfeeding positions and techniques, but once bub arrives, they can have other ideas.  While breastfeeding is natural, it isn’t always easy. Tash finds that a lot of first-time mothers are surprised by how much time is spent breastfeeding and limiting breastfeeds can be the root of a lot of issues.

Tash shared that she understands that it can be boring, especially late at night or when you are sleep deprived, it can hurt sitting there in the early days, you can be hungry or thirsty but be trapped under a nursing or sleeping baby.

"Again, why I love the HipSurfer - so many mums are astounded at how little effort they need to exert while wearing the HipSurfer and nursing their baby. They can easily nurse while standing if their perineum is sore, and the bum bag and bottle carrier is your very own snack station! It's also great for contact napping, especially after they have unlatched."

A parent is often multi-tasking, such as feeding a baby, while having to tend to older/toddler children. We feel like we need an extra pair of hands and the HipSurfer gives us that! You can get up and fix a toddler a snack more easily knowing the surfer is carrying the weight of the nursing child.

Breastfeeding mother using the Hackerlily HipSurfer

Tash shared many situations that the HipSurfer can provide support and lessen the load, such as "parents and grandparents with connective tissue disorders like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, arthritis, amputees, hemiplegics (e.g. after stroke). It is a tool that can relieve pain, reduce triggers for injuries, allow better posture and support healthy hip development."

Tash's advice for families considering whether the HipSurfer is right for them

When looking to buy any baby product, aside from cost, is longevity. The HipSurfer is so well constructed and can be used in so many different ways, it will see you through 0-3+ years! If you were to use it twice a week (trust me you will use it more) it's 50 cents a use, and that’s only for one child!

Further Breastfeeding Support

In 2018 Tash wrote a best-selling book which is available on Amazon called “Boobalisious: From Hot Mess to Breastfeeding Success”, which is a quick read on the things to know and think about your breastfeeding goals, BS Breastfeeding Beliefs and how to troubleshoot problems when things go awry. 

Her mission is to cut through the BS breastfeeding information that is often given to new parents, either from health professionals who are not up to speed on current best practice or well-meaning family members repeating old-wives-tales that were told to them.

You can get in touch with Tash on Instagram or over on her website where you can use the code HACKERLILY for 10% off all xxxxx

Boobalicious: From Hot Mess to Breastfeeding Success by Natasha Lunn |  Goodreads

March 07, 2024