Embarking on a family adventure with your curious, cuddly and adventurous 0-3 year old? You need the Hackerlily HipSurfer Baby Carrier and Bum Bag in your travel toolkit! Here are seven reasons why it's the ultimate travel essential for parents on the go:

  1. Versatile & Practical: The Hackerlily HipSurfer Baby Carrier is your passport to places prams can't go and where strappy carriers fall short. Picture this: the beach, bumpy terrains and theme parks where your little ones crave the freedom to explore. With the HipSurfer, you can go anywhere, anytime, ensuring your child's comfort and your peace of mind.

  2. Travel Light: Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging around a nappy bag or pushing a pram through crowded spaces. The HipSurfer Baby Carrier and Bum Bag is your ticket to traveling lightweight while having all the essentials at your finger tips. Whether you're walking towards the airport gate, boarding a plane,  strolling along the beach, park, or theme park - the HipSurfer is the perfect accessory for care-free, hassle free and super comfortable travel. Store all the essentials including: nappies, cream, travel change mat, baby grow, mobile phone, purse, baby bottle, sunglasses and even a compact shopping bag.

HipSurfer Best Baby Carrier For Travel

  1. 360-Degree Adventure One of the standout features of the HipSurfer is its ability to adapt to your child's needs. Your little one can lay flat (while breastfeeding or bottle feeding), face in or out, taking in the world just like you do. As you move freely, your child experiences the surroundings, making every outing an exciting 360-degree adventure. It's the perfect way to bond while exploring together.

  2. Ergonomic Design for Parental Comfort Designed with children and parents in mind, the HipSurfer boasts an ergonomic, padded, and comfortable design. Carrying your baby or toddler has never been this enjoyable, and the thoughtful design ensures better posture for parents and healthy hip positioning for babies (supporting the Hip Healthy M Position). It's doctor-approved, award-winning, and has earned a stellar 5-star rating from parents and grandparents across Australia.

HipSurfer Baby Carrier At The beach

  1. Share the Love with One Buckle Say goodbye to the frustration of readjusting multiple buckles. The HipSurfer's innovative design allows you to share the love with family members of different shapes and sizes. With just one buckle to adjust, you won't lose that perfect fit, making it easy and convenient for everyone in the family to take their turn. The HipSurfer Waistband Extender will be available for purchase very soon, allowing carers from size 18-28+ the ability to carry their child in comfort too.

  2. Washable Covers for Ultimate Cleanliness Introducing a world-first innovation: the HipSurfer washable covers. Keep your baby carrier clean and pristine by protecting it from poop, vomit, sticky fingers, milk, food, and everything else life throws at it. Simply swap out the washable cover and pop on a fresh one. No more waiting for your carrier to air dry over the course of 24-48 hours—finally you can stay in action and on the move (especially while on holiday).

HipSurfer Hipseat baby carrier blush with leopard

  1. Style Meets Adventure Why settle for a mundane baby carrier when you can make a statement? The HipSurfer is available in four stylish designs with 11 original cover artworks to choose from. Finally, a baby carrier that allows you to mix up your look to match your adventure and occasion. Express yourself while providing the best for your little one.

In summary, the Hackerlily HipSurfer Baby Carrier and Bum Bag is a game-changer for traveling parents. Its versatility, convenience, ergonomic design, ease of sharing, washable covers, and style options make it the go-to accessory for families on the move. This summer, give yourself the freedom to explore with your little one in tow, and make every outing an unforgettable adventure.

November 04, 2023