HipSurfer Waistband Extender (Black)


The All New Waistband Extender adds an extra 65cm of length to the HipSurfer, supporting parents with a waist size of 18-28+

"It's so comfortable, I can't believe how easy and quick it is to attach the waistband. Thanks for being size inclusive Hackerlily!"


The HipSurfer can now be enjoyed by more mums, dads and grandparents of all shapes and sizes. The HipSurfer extender provides an extra 65 cm of length, supporting a 175 cm waist size 28+.

It takes just 1 minute to strap the extender onto the HipSurfer initially. Once it’s safely attached, we recommend you keep it connected for ease of putting on and taking off quickly and effortlessly.

The Waistband Extender is attached in a few easy steps - read the 'Important Stuff Section' for a step by step guide. 

Right now the Waistband Extender is only available in black. 


How To Attach The Waistband Extender To The HipSurfer

  1. Place the HipSurfer around your waist
  2. Attach the velcro of the waistband extender to the velcro on the HipSurfer
  3. Buckle the waistband extender to the HipSurfer on one side. Ensure you hear a click which means it is safely secured. 
  4. Now attach the other side of the waistband extender to the HipSurfer, ensuring you tighten the belt and fasten safely.
  5. Make sure your HipSurfer is firmly positioned high on your waist. Adjust the fit by tightening or loosening the belt
  6. Roll up any excess belt into the belt loop so it doesn’t hang down like a tail.

The HipSurfer Waistband Extender includes:

  • 2 buckles that securely attach the waistband extender to the HIpSurfer.
  • Velcro that attaches to one side of the HipSurfer.

Hard Wearing Material: 

The Waistband Extender is crafted from premium, buttery soft vegan leather that perfectly complements the vegan leather HipSurfer. Designed for years of use for the whole family and sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible by our partners.


  • For light cleaning, wipe clean with a cloth
  • Do not use washing machine
  • Do not soak or use bleach
  • Air dry only to ensure longevity


Our #1 priority here at Hackerlily is your happiness. We have your back as well as your peace of mind. If you have a problem, we will solve it. If you have any queries or concerns, please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Libby Nihill (Sydney, AU)
Size 18 and love the extender

The hackerlily fit me without the expender but there wasn’t too much Velcro attached. I wanted to play it safe and use the extender for extra comfort and security and I love it. It’s super easy to click in and once it’s on, you can’t tell there’s anything different with it. Seamless adjustment for plus sides Mums.

Kate (Maitland, AU)
HipSurfer Waistband Extender

The HipSurfer Waistband Extender is an essential add on for parents using the HipSurfer baby carrier who have a waist size above a ladies 16-18. This extender seamlessly integrates with the carrier, providing extra length to accommodate various waist sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The extender is easy to attach and adjust, making it a hassle-free solution for parents who need a bit more room.

Teah (Perth, AU)
Great idea!

I love the carrier bit being a bigger girl and with winter coming extra layer of clothing is needed so this extender was super great!
Love the hip carrier for my chunky boy it's wonderful.

Maria Africa (Perth, AU)
Inclusive Brand!

I love that Hackerlily thought about plus size mums by providing the option to have this waist extender - it’s so easy to attach to the HipSurfer - also easy to roll and pack away in the travel bag. Very happy with this!