HipSurfer & Washable Cover


The most stylish, practical, long lasting and unique gift set

"I gifted this bundle to myself and also my best friend! We adore the HipSurfer and our beautiful accessories!"

HipSurfer Baby Carrier & Bum Bag (Black & Blush) (Colour)
Original HipSurfer Washable Covers (Color)

Purchasing a HipSurfer without a Washable Cover is like eating toast without any butter. This pair go so perfectly together and will keep your HipSurfer cleaner for longer. 

The Washable Cover is particularly helpful for travelling, kids with sticky fingers and (touch wood) all the times when they are not feeling very well. Poonami's, vomit, milk and general muck will stay clear of your HipSurfer while allowing all the cuddles without strain or pain.


We have combined these 4 most popular products to create the Ultimate Gift Bundle.

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Washable Covers

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