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Are you an Influencer/Creator/Parent?

We are looking for families who want to share their HipSurfing adventures when they are out-and-about or chilling at home.

We want to help more parents like you, relieve the load of carrying their kids - by educating about the various ways in which the HipSurfer can enhance your day and create more strain free bonding moments.

Please apply in the form below if you are happy to receive the HipSurfer in return for creating content each month for 5 months.

Wholesale partnerships

Do you have a baby or lifestyle store? We would love to support you and we know your customers are going to love the HipSurfer.

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Affiliate Partnership

Are you a mum, woman, entrepreneur or business interested in exploring an affiliate partnership?

We are genuinely so excited to support you and more parents across Ausralia with enjoying more strain free cuddles with their little human.

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Health Practitioner Partnerships

There are a wealth of health benefits for both carer and child when using the HipSurfer.

If you are a health professional (chiropractor, osteo, paediatrician, OT, physio, GP) and interested in stocking the HipSurfer in your office or studio - we would love to offer a bespoke partnership arrangement.

Please fill out the form below and let’s partner together to improve the health and wellbeing of parents, carers and babies across Australia.

Did you know that the HipSurfer can help with reducing strain as well as preventing certain injuries by treating the cause of the condition? From spinal curvature (by popping out the hip to carry) to RSI, tennis elbow, De Quervain's tenosynovitis, muscular strain, carpal tunnel and also Hip Dysplasia in children. The HipSurfer’s ergonomic design also supports the Hip Healthy M position in children under 6 months and provides a safe and practical solution for parents with children that have special needs.